What Company structure is Suitable to start a Business in USA?

In the case of LLC, the system is similar to that in the Indian Private Limited. This means that the company must have at least one agent and one partner, which can be in the form of a natural or legal person. In both cases, it may be a foreigner.

What it takes to start a company in the USA?

The process of register a company in USA is very simple and, above all, fast. You can establish a company within two days, even via the Internet and without the need for a notarized signature. It is necessary to fill in the basic articles of association or the certificate of incorporation.

As far as fees are concerned, no share capital is required here. The services of agents are often used to set up a company, who of course charge a fee. However, these are not huge amounts.

The company name can be in any language, but it must not be duplicated or too similar to existing companies. Certain terms such as bank, insurance company and the like are also prohibited.


The US tax system is one of the standard systems used in Western countries. U.S. tax entities in the form of legal entities domiciled and doing business in this territory must pay taxes at the federal and state levels.

American companies are subject to a tax of 40% on income, which does not apply to offshore companies with a foreign owner. These LLCs do not pay any taxes.

Dividends, royalties and other transactions intended for business owners outside the United States are subject to a withholding tax of 30%.

How to choose a bank for your business?

A bank account in the USA is closely related to the establishment of a company.

However, it can be opened only after you have generated an EIN number, which is similar to the Indian ID number.

Once you have an EIN, you can open a bank account with your founding documents and passport.

It is ideal to choose a bank that has a branch in the India so that the account can be opened without the necessary presence in the USA. Citibank, for example, is one such bank.

Bank of America, whose account can be controlled via internet banking, is also often used.

However, you can also use accounts from other banks outside the US.

Indian companies in the USA

Indian companies are thriving in the USA and their number is growing here. These are both companies that do business directly in the US and companies that only have their headquarters here.

The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Self-Employed Persons of the India, which is currently mainly engaged in Indian startups, also helps in this destination with suitable facilities for Indian companies. In additional, virtual CFO services in India makes the company registration more ethical. The India is attracted to the USA mainly by low taxes and operating costs together with a low level of bureaucracy.

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