What can Help you Elevate your Nursing Home Billing

Billing for nursing home falls under the Medicare Part A criteria of skilled medical care. It implies that it needs some skilled care that cannot be treated in an outbound setting. Medicare pays for a patient if it completes three days of inpatient care consecutively and continues to pay till 100 days. After that, 100% of the same becomes the responsibility of the patient.

It is important to note that if a patient has secondary insurance for health which may be called a Medigap plan, it may cover some of the balances of the expenses which are not covered by Medicare. All of it clearly points out to the fact that important front desk activities are for checking the terms of the policy and coverage. Making sure that all ends are meted out with a comprehensive pre and post nursing home billing approach is the need of the hour.

The GoTelecare Advantage in Nursing Home Billing

Over the years, we have been driving revenue for some of the largest names across the nursing home space. Our team knows how to bring back your money on time as we know what it takes to deliver your actionable support.

Also, we have been excellent in reducing operational costs by 70% for the best and that too with excellent references. We have perfect exposure in working with your process of claims submission, per diem, underpayments as well as appeals. Our team has the highest productivity metrics across the industry.

Know more about us and come to experience the difference we bring as a next-gen RCM destination. We set the benchmark by delivering you actionable support. Leverage the GoTelecare advantage right now. Our team delivers your customized support and that too at just $7 per hour.

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