What Are the Various Kinds of Houses In Thailand For Renting or Buying?

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Real estate in Thailand is in constant demand among potential foreigners. The reasons for the increased interest are quite understandable like low prices in comparison to other countries, geographically and climatically favorable locations, and beaches. This Southeast Asian country allows foreigners to enjoy the warm sun and magnificent beaches. Furthermore, the country also has a sufficiently developed infrastructure, which provides great opportunities for choosing a place of residence. It can be both the world-famous Pattaya resort, remote islands from the mainland, or bustling Bangkok. 

Moreover, the Kingdom of Thailand is considered one of the most economically promising countries in Southeast Asia. This suggests that properly invested in real estate will subsequently be able to make a profit. According to the laws of Thailand, a foreigner or an individual can take an apartment both in full possession and in a long term lease. When buying an object with land, the house can be registered in freehold or leasehold, and the land under it can only be registered in leasehold. A land lease agreement is drawn up for 30 years and then twice must be renewed for the same period (90 years). 

But, there are different types of houses for sale in Thailand, which are featured with unique design and style. So, let’s have a look at the following types of houses in Thailand for renting and buying.

Table of Content

  • Condominium
  • Apartment
  • Traditional Thai House
  • Townhouses in Thailand
  • Westernized Detached House
  • Villas or Giant Luxury House
  • Bottom Line

Different Types of Houses in Thailand

All types of houses in Thailand are divided into various categories. The country is featured with various residential complexes of villas and townhouses being built away from beaches and major tourist areas. Among the buyers of residential complexes, there are also tourists who spend several months every year in Thailand and like to live in houses. Furthermore, Apartments from 50 square meters to 200 are already apartments with several rooms. The price directly depends on the number of bedrooms, the area where housing is purchased, the absence or presence of parking, a swimming pool on the territory, etc. 

Well! Let’s have a look at the following guide of different types of houses in Thailand.


The condominium or condo is a building, which is registered under the Condominiums Act. Foreign citizens can acquire ownership of 49% of the total housing stock of the condominium. This form of registration of real estate is called freehold, which is the most simple and reliable for foreigners in Thailand. Condominiums are serviced by management organizations that provide a wide range of services for owners. As a rule, on the common territory of the condominium, there is a common pool, fitness, secure parking, many also have cafes or restaurants. There are monthly payments for the maintenance of the common area, which includes round-the-clock security, cleaning and maintenance of the common area, landscaping, It also includes the maintenance of the pool and fitness room, lighting of the common area, and many more. 


Apartments are a rental room in the residential building, which has only one owner. The rental fee is of moderate scale targeting from college students to office workers. The room may be featured with some basic appliances, like bed, closet, sofa and washing machine. In addition, the serviced apartment types of building are also common in Thailand. When choosing an apartment in Thailand, you need to decide in which city you want to buy it. The recognized tourism centers in Thailand are considered to be Pattaya and Phuket. However, even cities in the interior of the country are very attractive to lovers of attractions and outdoor activities.

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Traditional Thai House

The traditional Thai house is the house that defines the most Thai culture. These houses are constructed in such a way so they can adapt to the climate and wild environment of Thailand. These houses are built with wood, timber and bamboo. The ceiling is also high, giving freedom for the warm weather to cool off within the construction. The high floor is designed to protect against floods and wild animals. These houses slowly turned into rare gems as the westernization of the country became more and more prominent throughout the last decades.  Tourists can still enjoy a good old fashioned rest in some of these houses, which are often part of a resort as the main attraction.

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Townhouses in Thailand

Townhouses are buildings ranging in height from two to several floors, where on the ground floor there is usually a hall and a dining area, and bedrooms on the next floors. Most of the townhouses have two or one common walls with another townhouse, as they are built several in a row. Often the first floor of a townhouse is used for business, and the upper floors are for the living. So, a townhouse cannot only be considered as a multi-level apartment but these townhouses are used to organize guest houses. The same acquisition rules apply to townhouses as they apply to villas.

Townhouses in Thailand — Stock Photo © Bunwit #31258777

Westernized Detached House

The walls of such houses are often made out of thick concrete and the rooftops are made in shingles of kiln-fired earth. But, you can face the hot weather since they opt for rooftops that are not adapted to the climate. So, during your research, you should always try to look for a mixed balance of Thai and western styles. Do not forget that the climate and environment are probably very different from the one of your home country and are directly affecting the construction styles and materials.  Generally, showers and bathrooms are still very different from what you can find in western countries, and the general layout of the rooms will differ greatly as well. 

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Villas or Giant Luxury House

Villas are the most part one-story or two-story buildings located on their own plot of land from several hundred to two or more thousand square meters with their own pool and garden. Villas can be either detached or located in a residence representing a cottage village, which is serviced by a managing organization. The second option is most convenient for owners who do not reside in Phuket permanently, the management organization will take care of all maintenance and security tasks. The cost of villas is significantly affected by the size of the land, proximity to the sea, and the presence of a sea view. There are several options for registering the purchase of villas in Thailand, the most common of which are the opening of a Thai company or the registration of a long-term leasehold.

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Bottom Line

There are different best places to buy a house in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and other cities. Foreigners have the right to own private homes in Thailand. Leasehold transactions in case of purchase from the developer fully protect the rights of the foreign owner. In addition, Thai law and the process of processing the transaction requires the attention of a specialist, so if you still decide to buy, it is better to attract a qualified lawyer and use the services of an agency. Registration itself will take about two to three months. You need to be prepared for the additional costs associated with all kinds of payments.

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