What Are the Best Snow Tire Chains for SUVs?

When the snow falls on the roads and the ice begins to form, you want to make sure your vehicle is equipped for the season. Solid tires go a long way toward giving you better grip and traction. Snow chains for cars provide an extra layer of safety on perilous roadways. They allow you to get through heavy snows that otherwise would leave you stranded. If you are navigating mountain passes in the dead of winter or traversing highways during a sudden blizzard, it is best to be prepared. Find the product that fits your tire size and make sure they are installed perfectly.

The right chains for your vehicle depends upon your preference, location and driving style. You want a quality manufacturer that specializes in reliable products. With that in mind here are some serious contenders for the top 3 Snow Chains for Cars by Quality Chain Corp:

  1. 9.3lbs Diamond Back Square Link model (SKU #811174)
  2. 12.3lbs Diamond Back Square Link model(SKU #811181)
  3. 14lbs Class S PL 110 Series (SKU # 466628)

These chains provide complete wheel coverage. They provide maximum traction in the most challenging conditions.

Top 3 Snow Socks for Tires 

A cool alternative to chains come in the form of snow socks. These products are perhaps easier to use and provide a smoother ride. They also are more compatible with safety technology such as ABS and ESC. In some situations, socks are allowed on roadways when chains are prohibited. These three models provide excellent traction in snowy conditions:

  1. Shark Industries size 58 classic snow tire sock (SKU # 488684)
  2. Shark Industries size 62 super snow tire sock (SKU #489096)
  3. Shark Industries size 74 classic snow tire sock (SKU # 489039)

When considering snow socks for tires, be sure to match the size of the sock with your tire. In some cases, socks don’t meet the requirements of roadways calling for the use of chains. They are meant to be used only for a short duration of time, but they are easy to install and remove. More so than chains, snow socks cater to those who drive cars. They come in nearly all tire sizes for sedans and SUVs, including wide or low-profile tires.

Top Considerations for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Good tires and added traction are important for winter driving, but that is just part of the story. A failure in many vehicle components can introduce added risk to your drive, or it could force you to pull over. When it comes to how to winterize your car, you should take a close look at many pieces of equipment. You should also carry safety equipment such as a cell phone and a survival kit. One smart action is to look for a company nearby that will give you a free battery test or charge. A dead battery leaves people stranded every winter. Wiper blades are critical during a blizzard or heavy snow. It is also important to make sure radiator fluid and window washer solvent is topped off.

Now is the time to prepare for winter. Get all the products you need to increase your safety in the coming months.

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