What Are The Best Options For Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

At present, everyone desires to look good and aesthetically fit. The crazy trend of cosmetic surgeries is getting immense popularity globally. Out of so many non-surgical cosmetic treatments, Cheek Augmentation is one of the preferable treatments by everyone. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, cheek augmentation’s ultimate goal is to add volume to the cheeks. People adore this treatment to get their juvenile looks back.

So, Cheek augmentation is performed to enhance the cheeks’ overall size, and it augments the contours. Generally, it is also known as Malar Augmentation, and this process is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones and pinched cheeks.

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment that brings subtle differences in your facial appearances, then opt for cheek augmentation without any doubt. Cheek Augmentation generally includes injectable fillers, synthetic implants, or natural tissue grafts. 

The current discussion is quite effective for everyone who wants to know the Nitty-gritty of this miraculous non-surgical treatment.

Ideal Candidate for Cheek Augmentation

No matter if you are a man or a woman, you can choose this treatment to get rid of your sunken cheeks. If you want plumper or voluminous cheeks, then you are the most suitable candidate for this treatment. Age is the major factor that plays an imperative role in making your cheeks saggy or hollow, but nothing should fret you as this less invasive treatment is a real glimmer of hope for everyone.

You may experience hollow cheeks due to the loss of cheekbone tissue due to congenital deformities. Usually, people prioritize cheek contouring rather than experiencing any significant changes in their facial appearance.   

Non-Surgical Options for Cheek Augmentation

Injectable fillers known as Sculptra, Restylane & Radiesse are the finest options for non-surgical lip augmentation. The best thing about all these options is that they can be performed in less time. Moreover, you can experience incredible results in 2,3 days with the quickest recovery time.

All such options are safe to consider as they don’t have any significant side-effect. You may experience bleeding or bruises, but they all are temporary and recovered within 2 to 3 days.

Safety Information about Cheek Augmentation

As we mentioned earlier, unlike plastic surgery, cheek augmentation is the safest option to consider. But there are a few risks associated with it if you don’t choose a professional cosmetic surgeon for this purpose. One major risk is an infection, but the selection of skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon can make the entire treatment easier for you.

So, before you go for cheek augmentation, it is essential to choose a professional surgeon. Otherwise, you can put your life, money, and valuable time in danger.

Recovery Time & Ultimate Cost of Cheek Augmentation

After Cheek Augmentation, it is recommended to refrain from physical activities and exercise for 3 to 4 days. It is perfectly alright to have bruised, swollen, and sore cheeks. It will be recovered easily but remember to keep your head and neck elevated to avoid shifting implant out of place.

The average cost of cheek augmentation entirely depends on the procedure & surgeon you have chosen for this purpose. However, the average cost ranges from $1000 to $6000.

Final Words

Surely, the detail mentioned above is quite effective for the potential candidate of Cheek Augmentation. Nevertheless, we recommend you discuss every single piece of information with your cosmetic surgeon to avoid discrepancies.

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