What are the best excuses not to do statistics homework?

We have all gone through this stage of writing statistics homework. But there is a time when students find themselves not doing homework because of many reasons. While some have to spend quality time with their families while others have attended the late-night party. Some students don’t have enough knowledge of the subject, and others don’t find the subject topic interesting. The maximum number of people are not fans of doing statistics homework, but we all have to do it even after making excuses because most of our grades depend on this homework. Making excuses is good when you have some urgent work or when you are sick, but unnecessary excuses will also ruin your grades and career. Below we have given some of the best reasons for not doing statistics homework help.

Best Excuses For Not To Do Statistics Homework

It can be hard to think about different reasons for not doing statistics homework. Statistics is a broad subject that requires lots of knowledge. Students find it boring to complete this homework, so they start to think about excuses for not doing it. Below we have given some of the excuses that students can use for not doing their statistics homework:

  • Sickness

This is one of the common excuses that almost every student use. You can tell your teacher that you were not feeling last night or you had a fever. That was the reason for not completing statistics homework. Some teachers will ask you to show the doctor’s report; you have to be prepared in that case. A headache or stomach pain may last a while but not a fever. That’s why it is important to come up with the best illness excuse.

  • My Computer/ Printer Crashed

If you really want an excuse for not doing statistics work, this will come in handy. You can use this excuse only if you are using a computer for your homework or assignment; otherwise, you will sound stupid. These types of excuses are best when you are doing programming homework or essay writing. If your teacher asks you for a printed copy at that time you can say that the printer was broken. You must finish your statistics homework as soon as possible and use the school’s printer in such situations.

  • Dog ate it

This is clearly a bad and overused reason, but it is legitimate sometimes. The pet dog does not care or know what you are doing or how significant it might be, whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig. Just make sure that you still keep an eye on what you concentrate on or place it in your textbook book or bookcase. The greatest thing about this reason is that with your parents it might get you off the hook. However, the instructor is another matter.

  • I Forgot My Homework

It is the normal reason that almost every student used when they forgot to bring their homework. Students use this excuse when they forgot to complete their homework. You don’t want to get habitual to this excuse, or you will sound stupid in your teacher’s eyes. Make sure you submit your homework the next day because it will help your teacher know that you were telling the truth.

  • Your WiFi was not working

The challenges inevitably arise with the advancement of technology and the accessibility of the Internet. Schools have the choice of providing their students with their own school-use computers or laptops and therefore require homework on out-of-school devices. Technology concerns are a real reason for skipping a due date, such as a smartphone or WiFi problem.

  • Unable to understand the subject

These excuses only work when the subject is difficult, and of course, understanding statistics problems is not everyone’s cup of tea. Suppose your teacher gave some statistics problems that are not explained properly in the class. Or if the majority of students find the homework difficult, then you can surely use this excuse.

You can say you try your best to understand the statistics problems, but you failed to find the solution. So, that teacher can explain the problems again. Don’t use this excuse when your teacher already explained it many times.

● I Was Absent That day

If you were absent the day, you can use this excuse. Your teacher explained the topic and asked students to complete homework, but you were not present that day; you can use this excuse. You can also utilize this excuse if you have 2-3 days to complete your statistics homework. After 2-3 days, your teacher might forget. There are very less chances your teacher will leave the class to check the attendance register.

I hope the list of excuses that we have given above for not completing statistics homework is helpful for you. You must keep in mind which excuses will be suitable at what time.

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