What are Online Learning Trends for 2021

Online learning has become the new norm and whether it is fortunate or unfortunate instance, everyone has to accept this new reality. Private home tutors have now also attempted to transition to online tuition to roll with the punches. 

The pandemic has caused almost everything to be digitalised in order to avoid physical contact and hence many works now happen behind a screen without the presence of actual people getting things done for us.

One such major change as an example is the fact that online tutoring has become much more popular amongst students as many understand its benefits and reap it as well. 

Online learning has now evolved into another form and has taken up new dimensions. It is indeed difficult to catch up and follow as the transition has occurred out of a sudden due to an unexpected pandemic that has put us all in our homes for the past year. 

Many do not realise the ways in which online trends function and hence there are doubts as to how 2021 will start off and progress in terms of academics. 

So, here are the online learning trends for 2021…


This is not a new concept so it’s not as surprising that this is being put to use; however, the fact that there is almost a 20% spike in the incorporation of virtual training by companies. 

These changes raise the revenue of the employees and there is higher percentage of profit margin which gives hope and an indication that virtual training is equally effective or if not even more than traditional classroom-based training and workshops. 

This best suit the preference of employees to train themselves from the convenience of home and hence there will be much more involvement and breathing space given to employees to pick up the necessary skills at their own pace. 


In large group trainings, it may not be possible to give equal attention to each individual in a classroom setting. As opposed to this, in a virtual online skills-development workshop or training session, trainers can get each and every individual to unmute themselves and state their opinion on the subject matter that is being discussed.

This kind of focused approach ensures that all are attentive and it gives everyone the confidence as everyone feels involved. 


Initially online training was designed with desktop users in mind. Today, this phenomenon has changed and it can be done through a simple smart phone as everything is now just a tap away. 

Today, mobile experiences are given first priority and as such e-learning has also become mobile-user friendly as many students out there are financially struggling and hence hope to get their work done though their mobile phones instead of hunting down a laptop or desktop from someone. 


Microlearning is a form of quick learning which provides employees with the necessary information when it is required and this consists of components like,

  • Online tutorials
  • Resource library
  • Online quizzes
  • Online modules

And these are just a few of the many strategies that companies can use to give bite-size information to employees in a short span of time. The biggest advantage of this is that employees internalise information well in that way and as such, they are more likely to apply what they have learnt to improve the quality of their work. 

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