What Are Glamping Tents? – Why Should You Go Glamping?

Glamping tents are used in the new camping ways. Glamping is very similar to camping. You can go glamping if you want to go out and have a cake in the outdoors, if you wanted to spend time with nature or if you want an outdoor adventure.

When you go for glamping, the location you are choosing to clamp matters a lot. If you what to wake up to the beautiful sounds of nature and birds, or you want to have a breathtaking riverside view, you should decide a hood location for your glamping tents.

When you have decided to glamping, you will first have to get a strong and reliable glamping tent. You will find great glamping tents online as well as offline in the market. The glamping trip will also require a good canvas cabin. You can find good canvas cabins to ho with the glamping tents. The size will depend on how much space you will need.

Various types of glamping tents

Some of the glamping tents are as follows- 

Glamping Yurts

Yurts are a kind round structure that is complete by adding a dome-like roof to the glamp and walls that are covered with fabric. This kind of construction will make the glamp light. This glamp is exceptionally simple to assemble and also reassemble. It is very mobile and you will be able to transport it to any place you like. 

Glamping Teepee

Glamping Teepees are lightweight and mobile tents that are made out of fabric walls and poles. These poles are made out of either steel or wood. These tents are the time-tested tents and they have been a part of American and Canadian culture for a long time. These tents have been used since the 1800s. If you are glamper, these tents are perfect for you. You can take a vacation and take these tents with you to escape the busy life. 

Bell Tents

These types of tents are similar to tipis. The tent consists of a woven side and a high roof. The most unique thing about these tents is that they come with a single center support beam. The walls of the tent are apart by the cables that will be pegged in the ground. This is just like the tent you would probably take to the camping. These tents are quite large so it can accommodate a lot of people. This tent has plenty of storage space. 

Safari Tents

The Safari tents are majorly used by the people who are taking a tour, more like the safari. These tents are typically complete by the use of some of the basic amenities like separate rooms, kitchenettes, screen windows, and so on. The walls of the tent are held up by the support of a bell tent. This offers greater stability and security and holds the tent straight up.  However, you will notice that this can make the tent a lot heavier so you will likely move them around less. 

Glamping Huts and cottages 

Huts and cottages are some of the best ways to explore the outdoors. These can be made with materials like straw, wood, stones, branches, fabric, pine, leaves and so much more natural materials. You can visit WhiteDuck Outdoors if you want to get some amazing glamping tents.

Why use glamping tents? 


Glamping is an eco-friendly way if having a great outdoor experience. There will be less use of energy and all the materials that will be used in making the tent are also not harmful to the environment. You can truly stay connected with the natural surrounding and the world. 

Be close to nature

Glamping can be a great activity if you want to break the everyday routine. You can step outside of your house and take the glamping tents somewhere in nature and take in the beauty of the earth. This will be the perfect natural retreat that will help you breathe in the fresh air and take you away from everyday activities. 


You can go glamping while hiking, mountaineering, biking, rafting, and animal and bird watching, wine tasting, fishing, and so on. The options are endless.

You can indulge in many other outdoor activities and have a great, fun-filled time with your loved ones, family and friends

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