10 Facts about Silk Durags that’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

Have you ever wondered why people wear different colored silk durag? Or have you worn it without knowing its significance? Well, you’re not alone here. So many people wear durag even without the proper knowledge about it. So, that’s why we are here to help you find some interesting facts and details about silky durags.

Silk durag is not just a hair accessory worn by many athletes, artists, and men of different age groups, it has a long history that makes it significant even today. How?

There are some interesting facts about durags that will help you understand the importance of durags while making your hair stand on the end. 

1. To protect hairstyle

While you and your friends might be wearing it to accessorize your outfit, black men with coarse and curly hair use silk durags to style and protect their hair. It also helps in being a supportive pillar in their 360 wave journey. How? Well, durag preserves the brushed hair while giving your hair the “wave” effect if worn consistently. Men with braids also like to wear silk durag for preventing friction, frizz, and flyaway in their hair. Some people also wear it to protect their hair while traveling or sleeping. 

2. Originated around the 19th century

Some of you might not be aware that durag originated somewhere around the 19th century. However, people became more aware of its benefit as a hair preserver in the early 1930s, during the beginning of the “Great Depression” and “Harlem Renaissance” era. As the 1960s passed, durags became highly popular as fashion statement pieces, especially among the African-American population. 

3. Translates blackness

Black men who used to wear durags were referred to as “those types” and some black parents used to forbid their children from tying durag on their heads to ward off the stereotypes. Later, some entertainers from the music industry like Eminem started donning it in the hope to translate blackness and eliminate the gritty mentality of people through visual representations. 

4. Protection from UV rays

Do you know if you wear durags daily, you can protect your hair from harsh UV rays coming from the sun? Durag can block out the UV rays while helping you keep your hair healthy and long. It also prevents your hair from dust and pollution that are known to be major factors in spoiling the original texture of your hair. 

5. Creates perfect 360 or 720 waves

Another interesting fact about silk durag is that it’s perfect for creating 360 or 720 waves in your hair. The people with natural curls know the struggle of managing their hair when they start growing outwards rather than lying flat. That’s when durag comes into play for wave training. With the help of durags, you can make your hair lay flat on your head instead of going outwards. 

6. Can be worn every time

So, when exactly to put on your durag? Well, you can wear them any time you like – whether you’re inside your house or going out to buy groceries. It is best to put on a durag after a brushing session to retain waves and protect your hair. You can even wear it while sleeping to prevent frizzing and retain moisture in the waves. 

7. Position of seams do matter in durags

When buying a durag, you must check the position of seams as well. This is because it helps in determining if you have any seam line or not in your hair. So, always buy the one with no seams. If you have to buy a durag with seams make sure the seams are not in the middle of the durag. 

8. Bikers’ benefit

In many countries, bikers are required to wear a helmet when riding a bike. However, certain bikers seem too reluctant to wear helmets due to sweat while wearing a helmet for a long duration. So, to avoid sweaty and discomfort on the skin, they can simply wear a silk durag before wearing a helmet to absorb sweat and keep their skin cool and comfortable. 

9. Signifier and a badge of shared experience

If we talk about identity politics, a durag has become a badge or signifier of shared experience. It not only stands as a symbol of street mentality but also signifies pride in it. This is because durags are designated as a unique and authentication of black brilliance as ideas of assimilating it within a homogenized culture and respectability progress to dissipate.

10. Supported by popular celebrities

Durags have been supported by many popular celebrities over the years. For instance, Spooky Black, a popular young artist, once paired a durag with some gold chains and FUBU jerseys in 2014. Even many people accepted Eminem with a durag.  


Wearing a durag makes it easy to wave hairstyle while keeping your hair protected from environmental factors. Besides, many youngsters wear durags for adding some style elements to their daily outfits. We hope after reading these interesting facts about durags have helped you realize its significance. 

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