Ways to make your child study effectively

Ways to make your child study effectively

Students are always asked to work hard and concentrate more on their studies. Whereas it is always noticed that students who work smarter are more successful than those who work harder. Generally, an hour to two hours of smart studying is more than enough for a child to make it through high school. With higher classes, students themselves realize that they need to be smart studying rather than hard working. There are many students that get away with minimal effort. Along with that let’s look at the various ways that are effective for students. 

  1. Don’t clump your studies in one session

Many students have a very unrealistic schedule for studying. They suddenly plan to finish 5-6 chapters a day which is quite unrealistic. Some students plan to study overnight and are barely active to keep their eye lids open. These kinds of schedules are not quite possible. Students who do well in exams or excel in general are the ones who study smartly. They study on everyday basis but in shorter periods. They’re consistent with their studies, thus this doesn’t burden them at the last moment before exams. 

  • Plan your study schedule

Students who have planned schedules and those who follow those schedules are more successful than those who work hard. This is called a smart study. It is essential to put aside a few hours for studying every alternative day. Sticking to a schedule helps students achieve success. Those who study intermittently do not perform so well. Therefore, it is important to follow your schedule and study almost every day for shorter periods in order to really ace your examinations. 

  • Study at the same time 

Sri Prakash Synergy school is the very best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh. They have a study pattern designed for students. Having a schedule is important but along with that, it is also important to have a fixed time. A study session could an hour to 2 hours long, but the time should be fixed. This helps you to build up your routine and also make it a habit to study at that hour. Alternatively, it also prepared your mind to concentrate more. Therefore, having a fixed schedule with fixed timings is very important. 

  • Specific goal for each study time

Just studying to finish your syllabus is not really effective in any way. Best school in East Godavari district emphasises on having a goal set before every study session. Only if you have a goal before every session you will be able to measure how close you’re to achieving your goal. Just studying will never let you know what and how much you need to study in that session. For example: if you plan to finish and revise one entire chapter for an examination which is a week later. It will help you to finish that chapter even if that session goes a little longer. Therefore, focus on your goal and then have a study session. 

  • Never delay/ postpone your study session 

There are times when students plan to skip or postpone their study session. This happens due to various reasons but doing so is surely going to affect your routine and it will again take some time for students to settle in their routine. Therefore, it is not healthy to postpone or delay your study schedule as it creates confusion in your mind and also restricts you from concentrating. For example: if the subject you scheduled is not of your interest or is difficult, you tend to postpone it and become lazy to even try to study for that subject. Therefore, it keeps shifting from one day to the other and so on and so forth. That is surely unhealthy and not good for your routine. 

  • Getting over with the difficult subject first

Be it the best school in Rajamahendravaram, teachers try to make your syllabus interesting in every possible way. When you newly start your schedule and session, even you’re very energetic and motivated to study well. Therefore, it is said that always start with the tough subject or assignment first so that all your energy and motivation is directed towards finishing that assignment or subject and this surely helps you to improve the effectiveness of your study session. 

  • Go through notes before starting the assignment/ project

For any student to start an assignment or project, they surely need notes to know what they exactly have to do and how. Therefore, before reviewing notes, it is important for students to take notes in class. These notes help students to know what exactly they have to do and is a great help to them during their assignment. 

Sri Prakash Synergy School is one of the best schools in Andhra Pradesh having its branches spread all over the country. With international standards, they have an Indian syllabus scheduled for students so that they receive the best of education. Creating a good balance of practical and theoretical learning is the ultimate aim of qualified and experienced teachers.