Want to become a lash extension trainer? Read on

Exploring your passion for lash extensions and making your career for it is not only exciting but a whole new field to set your discovery on. Did you know? Pursuing your career in the lash field is a life-changing, unbelievable experience. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that you’re going for your dream! Deciding to plunge into the lashing world? Congrats! It’s undoubtedly the most rewarding and glamorous profession but challenging at the same time. One must have patience, precision and a piece of extensive knowledge about the products, styles, and even of the process to make a mark on the field. This is why you should get the best possible training to become invaluable in the field. There are special eyelash extension training courses that help one to become an expert in the field of eyelash extensions and is an ideal concept for those who are passionate about becoming a lash technician. 

Suppose you are an experienced esthetician or revamping your career entirely. In that case, all aspiring lash artists should learn from a highly trained and skilled lash professional to make a mark in the niche.  Before you get enrolled for technician training, it is essential to search for the best in the market and aspects to consider: This article goes on to provide vital information on those planning to take a course on lash extension and take it up as a business.

What Does It Take to Become Eyelash Extension Trainer

It is ideal for those who are passionate about eyelash extensions to train from an expert and learn from their skills. Even if you are all set for a start-up business and additional income, eyelash extension businesses have elevated in Australia and are more successful than ever. Eyelash technicians are in high demand however, it is necessary to have the essential skills to practice as one. Eyelash extension certification requirements may vary for different salons.

It is a basic requirement for an eyelash technician to have the knowledge to understand the styling aspect, products to use and correct application- that is comfortable and long-lasting. It is also necessary to have plenty of patience to ensure perfection and thorough communication skills during crises and issues. For those who wish to take this up as their business, from field knowledge to business and finances- At Invidious Lashes, the founder and educator Su Altunbas has expert’s skills for this. Besides being highly skilled at eyelash extensions, she also has industry experience in accounting and business. Hence, her courses are designed to also include training for the essential knowledge on how to set your own business successfully. When you complete your course, it doesn’t mean the end of a relationship- instructors work as mentors to gain confidence, opportunities and help their students gain knowledge. With our certification program, you will always have us as your guide and reach out to us for advice or queries. 

Lash Extension Courses in Melbourne

There are many places where one can train to become a lash technician, hence the eyelash extension training cost will vary depending on where you take up the course. This includes lash extension training online in the form of a 2-day private training course online. This type of course is ideal as the foundation course to becoming an eyelash technician. For those planning to take employment as a technician, the requirements of the employer may vary too from having a bachelor’s degree or diploma certification and other special skills as per their requirement.

At Invidious Lashes, you can expect to be trained well enough to gain essential knowledge to run your own business successfully to transform your lifestyle. The training program offered here is very thorough and the fact that Su Altunbas has a background in finance, as well as social media marketing, is the added advantage. This makes her perfectly qualified to train you to become an eyelash technician and also provide sufficient knowledge on how to run one’s own business effectively. Besides this, you will also have Su as your mentor once your training has been completed to provide essential support as you grow.

In fact, the main goal at Invidious Lashes is to also help train individuals to build and run their own business besides being experts in lash extensions. The course on offer here includes Classic lash training and Russian Volume training. It is highly advisable to first complete the Classic Course before taking up the Russian volume course and allowing time for practice between them. The Classic Lash Course is best suited for beginners and hence has no prerequisites while it is necessary to have taken up the Classic lash course prior to training for Russian Volume. The candidate will also receive the necessary manuals for this course.

What to Expect from the Course

Taking up this course will train you to become an expert and lash extensions besides which you will also receive attention and support from the trainer. The course will train you on the types of lash extensions, volume fans, attachments, and special issues with Russian Volume, different curls & thickness as well as the anatomy of the eye. It also teaches the importance of sanitation and hygiene as well as the right technique for various procedures. It will include information on the common errors to avoid and how to set up the lash room. Those needing information on how to deal with clients in a professional method will receive such trailing here. The manuals include detailed information on setting up a salon, a home-based business, business structures, record keeping, accounting, and pricing.

Benefits of Training to Run your Lash Business

The beauty and salon industry is booming as more salons are offering this service. Most women love to have their eyelashes touched up hence one can always expect to have plenty of customers. In fact, there has also been a drastic rise in the number of searches on Google since 2015 which suggests an increase in demand as well. This makes it highly beneficial to take up a course for eyelash extensions like that offered at Invidious lashes. The fact that it is also eyelash extensions are perfectly safe is an added benefit. Unlike other beauty treatments, this type of treatment is less likely to result in a disaster. It is essential one is fully trained to perform the necessary tasks and take all the necessary precautions. Taking up a course at Invidious Lashes is the best way to develop the necessary skills and gain knowledge to successfully run your own business.

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