Vital Features To Include In Instacart Clone App Development

We live in a digital era where almost anything is possible to get with a few taps on the smartphone. This has increased the necessity for quick and efficient solutions. Grocery delivery app solutions are among the instant solutions. The monthly profits recorded by Instacart is around $10 million as of April 2020. The popularity of the grocery delivery app has inspired many entrepreneurs to build Instacart clone scripts. 

Essentials feature involved in building the Instacart clone script 

Grocery delivery apps are immensely popular across the globe. While building the grocery delivery apps, it is necessary to provide all features according to the needs of the customers. Also, there must be three separate apps to handle customers more efficiently. 

Customers app features 

  • Sign-up: Without logging into the application, users can view products in the applications. They can sign up, providing the necessary details.
  • Sign-in: Once the profile is created people can directly login to the application using the social media handles. 
  • User profile: Customers can view their profile which includes their favorite products and general information about the products.
  • List of stores: People can select the product of their choice and get the lists of stores that offer them.
  • Store filters: Customers can sort the stores based on their location, store ratings, product type, and so on. 
  • Product catalog: Each product has information about the price, description of the product, images, customer reviews. Customers will have a better understanding of the product through this.  
  • Product filters: Customers can filter the products based on their price, quantity, and so on.
  • Shopping cart: As and when customers buy the product, it gets updated in the shopping cart. 
  • Secured payment gateways: There are several digital payments available such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and so on., thereby offering customers the convenience to choose the payment mode as per their convenience. 
  • Current order status: Upon placing the order, customers can view the current status of their order in this panel.
  • Order history tracking: Once the order is out for delivery, customers can track the order using the real-time tracking features of the app. 
  • Return/Refund Management: In the case of damaged orders, products that are way past the delivery date, and for any other issues, there is a return/refund scheme to deliver these products.
  • Push and email notifications: Customers are notified about the updated order status via push notifications or email. They can select the option to get notified either notifications or emails.
  • Consumer support panel: In case of any discrepancies in order tracking, delay in delivery or for any other issues, customers can connect with the support agent to know about the details of the order.

Delivery agent app features 

  • Toggle availability: The delivery agents always aren’t available for accepting customer orders. They can alter their availability as per their convenience using the app. 
  • Push notifications: As and when delivery agents get customers’ orders, they are notified through push notifications. 
  • In-app map integrations: The process of navigating through the app has been made simpler through in-app map integration. These offer the exact routes to the delivery agents for order pickup and delivery.
  • Order history: Delivery agents can view the orders they have processed in this tab. 
  • Earnings module: As and when each order gets fulfilled, it gets updated in the earnings module.
  • Ratings and reviews: They can view reviews and ratings posted by customers. As per the reviews and ratings posted by customers, they can take the relevant action to improve their service.

Admin panel features

  • User management: Personalized services can be offered to customers based on history, search history, and so on. This includes offering individual coupons based on their preferences.  
  • Product management: Stores regularly update their stock details and are managed in the application.
  • Payment management: Admins can set the commission cut off from the shops as per it the money will be credited to the account after every order.
  • Driver management: Heat maps mark the areas in which there is higher demand. As per the order demands, the drivers are allocated to that area. So that more quickly order can be picked up from the respective stores and delivered to the customers.  
  • Manage Websites: Entire prospects regarding managing the websites belong to the customers, they can add/remove and modify content on the website. 
  • Run promotions & discounts: The current trends and demand are analyzed using the insights provided by business analytics. Instacart clone script has provision to offer individual discounts and coupons based on it.

The features cannot be limited to these as per the customers demands, responses more can be included in grocery delivery apps. 

Summing up

By 2022, 10% of the grocery sales are to be made online, this amounts to a revenue of whopping $133.8 billion. Also, the stores are encouraging customers to place orders online by offering frequent discounts and coupons. There has been an increase in the number of customers purchasing online, customers can utilize it to their advantage and build the Instacart clone script.

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