Vertical Window Blinds or Venetian Blinds – Which Are Perfect Choice for Your Home

As most of us are aware already, windows blinds are some of the best window covering options available today. Limiting the amount of bulk on modern windows, blinds make a great aesthetic impression as well. There are many different types of window blinds available in the market too.

Two of the most popular and versatile windows blinds are vertical blinds and venetian blinds. Both of these have very different aesthetic and usage characteristics. And yet, the obvious main purpose for both is covering windows and allowing for outside factors controlling features.

  • Vertical Window Blinds – These are typically made from flexible composite materials cut and shaped vertically. Vertical window blinds often suit tall large windows more and are rolled on or off in a vertical movement by pulling or releasing attached strings.
  • Venetian Blinds – With horizontal slats arranged to cover the entirety of windows, venetian blinds also roll up and down vertically. What gives them their horizontal distinctive feature is the horizontally arranged slats. These suit on wider windows better.

What Kind of Windows You Have?

What goes on your windows is very dependent on what kind of windows you have. Different sizes, styles and shapes of windows will obviously be suited with different windows blinds types.

  • If you have close to square shapes of windows, vertical window blinds will be the better choice.
  • For more tall rectangular window types, again, vertical blinds will look better.
  • For horizontal rectangle windows, your venetian blinds will make a better aesthetic impression.
  • Also, for many other shapes including circles, ovals and triangles, venetian blinds suit better.

The way your interior design is set up, will also influence windows blinds choices a great deal. Form and function are both considerations here when trying to choose perfect windows blinds.

Size of Windows Also Matter

The overall size of your windows also plays a vital role in windows blinds selection. Venetian style blinds in wooden, metallic or hybrid materials often suit small to medium sized windows. For any extra-large windows, you will get better results with vertical blinds. The horizontal slats and their styling don’t look exceptionally well when done in very large sizes on walls. On the contrary, your vertical blinds have vertical stripes that are much wider making a better design for large sizes. This is of course down to personal preference. Some people will also like venetian blinds for large windows.

Flexible Functionality of Vertical Blinds

Another area typical vertical window blinds tend to do much better is their flexible stripes of materials. These do the best job of revealing the full window behind them when you don’t need covering at all. A simple pull on the attached string moves the whole set of vertical strips on one side. You can maximize sunlight entering your rooms during the day times and privacy during the night. Instead of rolling up or down, these move to the side completely. This makes them fit on windows much more nicely as well. Offices, industrial buildings and large halls use these features brilliantly.

Different Types of Materials for Venetian Blinds

Now, it is very well known that venetian blinds are available in a variety of materials and designs. This makes them some of the most versatile window covering options available today. In fact, single categories of venetian blinds outsell all other types of window coverings in many parts of the world. Some of the very popular material and style choices for venetian blinds include:

Metal Venetians

Affordable, lightweight and available in any required colors, metal venetians are very popular for their durability and value for money. At their core, metal venetians have stripes of aluminum or other metals in thin polished styles. These stripes are then coated with different layers making them rust resistant and very durable. Any required color can be painted on them with matte or shiny finish as needed.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wood window blinds are some of the most elegant and also luxurious in the window covering industry. Made from real strips of polished woods, these are also some of the more expensive windows blinds too. That wood grain finish with any dark or light wooden color being available, make these great options for luxury homes. Offices, houses and other luxury buildings use these very nicely indeed.

Pleated Venetian Style Blinds

For homeowners looking for some soft and safe window coverings, pleated blinds suit the bill perfectly. These are essentially a variation of the metal venetians. Made from metallic strips, these are covered with soft layers of pleated materials. These are also available in any required colors and are often preferred for children rooms for their soft finishes.

Which Are for You?

Like many things that involve design, finish and quality, windows blinds will also be down to personal preferences mostly. Yet, some of their characteristics will make them better choices for different requirements. Sizable living room windows will get more functionality and aesthetic appeal from vertical blinds. Whereas, small to medium sized bedroom, kitchen or bathroom windows suit venetian styling.

Whichever type of blinds you go with, venetians or verticals, choices in colors and finishes are limitless. Make sure you get the right ones for each room of your home. From their fit and finish to the overall functionality, all features will be needed when they are on your windows. Check for their available designs and finishes wherever you are in the world too.

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