Venus Effects in Life Plus Remedies for a Weak Venus Position

In the Universe, Venus is the most shining planet among all. The sixth-largest planet is also known as the evening star. As per astrology, Venus plays an important role in our lives. Every planet has its effects in our lives, and the same is true for Venus as well.

Venus signifies beauty, romance, love, luxury, and enjoyment of life. As human beings, we all believe in relishing marital life to lavishness; hence everyone wants a strong Venus support.

There are certain signs by which it can easily be defined if a person has a strong Venus in his horoscope. Those who have a charming personality and easily attract people by their looks and presence are a sign that they have good Venus. 

Also, people with strong Venus tend to succeed easily; it is like their every effort brings fruitful results. They get success with minimum struggle and stress; they spend a lavish life and a great love and married life.

A person who has a romantic personality and appreciates art, beauty, wellness, and has an overall good voice and persona is believed to have a strong Venus position. These individuals enjoy every aspect of their life, such as marriage and sex life.

When Venus gives negative effects

Not everyone is blessed with a good Venus, and sometimes because of the retrogrades, a person may not enjoy life as he used to. The planetary positions may change and take a toll on your happiness. Similarly, when Venus starts giving negative effects, an individual struggles with finance and lacks materialistic pleasures.

Since Venus signifies lavishness, so in opposite times, it may make you spend unnecessarily, which leads to a shortage of finances. You and your spouse may often get into fights that you may also need to take a break from them. 

Everything seems to go in the wrong way when Venus is poor in the horoscope. Venus Mahadasha is one such example that makes individuals suffer because of a lack of money, poor personal and love life, and other failures in the profession.

Sometimes when the natives suffer from thumb related disease, insomnia, or nightmares, it also signifies the negative effects of Venus. People also lose interest in food due to poor Venus.

Remedies to Reduce the Negative Effects of Venus

There are astrological remedies for every downfall in the horoscope. However, individuals should not expect the remedies to nullify the effects, but these remedies reduce them to an extent. Here are some remedies to make Venus favorable in your life-

Plant Tulsi at home

Planting tulsi in the yard of your home helps diminish the negative energy. It brings happiness and peace to a household and blesses the family members with good health and wealth. If any woman of a household lights a Diya under tulsi every day, it helps fight off the ill effects of Venus.

Silver or platinum

If one sacrifices salt for Friday, it is considered beneficial if your Venus is weak. You may also wear a Silver or Platinum ring as it helps improve the good effects of Venus. If you suffer from any skin problems, then you can wear it on your thumb.

An Urn of Water

Buy an urn, fill it with water, and put two big cardamoms in it. Keep the water boiling until it gets half. When you mix this water with your bathing water, it works as the most effective remedy against weak Venus. The remedy works if you perform the ritual on every Friday.

Shukra or Venus Yantra

Those who face difficulty in their love or married life should keep Shukra Yantra in the bedroom and worship it regularly. To perform the Puja or cleanse the Yantra before establishing, one should call an astrologer for a proper setup.

Worship Cows

In Hindu mythology, a cow represents Venus. When you serve a cow, it strengthens planet Venus. Also, if you worship a cow regularly, feed, or serve her, it frees you from the need to wear any gem or mantra to improve your Venus.

An astrologer’s advice always works as the best solution as he determines the remedies after checking your horoscope. Plus, you get to know if there is any other planet that tends to give you the negative effects. Do consult an astrologer and receive even more specific remedies!

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