Vegan chicken drumstick: Be happy, a new addition to your vegan food variety

Over time veganism got a good grip on people, plant-based meat producers are getting creative in introducing every possible dish, traditional meat can propose. Moreover, vegan consumers themselves are trying their best to incorporate domestic methods to create faux meat dishes as per their caliber. On the other side of the picture, they are learning to adjust to all the possibilities of food offered to them off the shelf. For good or for bad, this has been settled in our brains that, poultry has always been the prime source of protein and delicious dishes, declaring it as one of the most consumed meats in the world.

Chicken, being the most common variant of poultry, has made its place in the respective food habits. There is nothing that can beat the variety of options, a chicken can offer. From the starter to the main course, everything can be obtained from a single chicken. Though producers have succeeded in creating many plant-based meat substitutes, but how about the most favorite product of all “The Chicken Drumsticks”? Now, this does sound like a good piece of information for vegan and vegetarians that a new product in the market is a plant based chicken drumstick, by Shandi global.

The success has been achieved in bringing the similar fibrous structure and juiciness using vegan ingredients. Using the patented method, the pull-apart feature of whole-muscle conventional chicken drumstick has also been attained. Soybean protein being the base ingredient, these plant-based chicken drumsticks are a combination of pigeon peas, moong beans, chickpeas, urid lentils, white beans, and black-eyed peas with cold-pressed oil, and herbs. Of course a great source of healthy and balanced nutrients, this should be on any vegan’s mind. In addition to that, the qualities required to deep fry, sustaining the temperature and heat for good, coping up well with the cooking time have also been considered before launching the product.

On the health benefits part, eating vegan chicken drumsticks helps in regulating the intake of unnecessary fat and excessive protein, which, in general, are not required for an average human being. These fiber-enriched plant-based chicken drumsticks are easy to cook and are available online to order. What would you achieve upon consuming the vegan chicken drumsticks:

• Controlled cholesterol level resulting in Healthy heart
• Reduced cancer risk
• Reduced body mass index (BMI)
• Great for weight management
• Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes by 20%
• Nutrition content which is amiss in conventional chicken
• Ingredient used are obtained from organic farming methods
• No animal cruelty involved
• Zero external or artificial additives

A healthy alternative providing all the possible merits of real chicken drumsticks is here, from the brand you can trust for hygiene, the right composition, and no compromise on taste. Not required to look beyond and away from Shandi global. Producers have been stern to offer you something good as an added option for the better wellbeing of yourself and those you care about. Order here for your plant-based meat needs at

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