Vastu Shastra Tips For Home To Lead a Better Life

Your home is more than a shelter. It is the place where you come back after a difficult day. Your home can rejuvenate you. If your life at home is disturbed, it will have a severe impact on you. This is why it is believed that if you want to invite prosperity, happiness, and luck into your life, following Vastu Shastra tips for home becomes crucial.

Vastu Shastra- What Is It?

Vastu Shastra– the ancient science of architecture, describes and details the principles of the property’s design, measurement, space arrangement, layout, and spatial geometry. Vastu can easily be seen as an extraordinary blend of astronomy, astrology, art, and science. It can also be understood as the ancient mystical philosophy for designing a building that can better our lives. Vastu combines the five essential elements of nature and balances them with the house’s materials and humans. Vastu believes that the universe is built of negative and positive energy. Everything in the universe has a vibration of energy associated with it, and Vastu aims to enhance the positive and get rid of the negative energy.

Primarily, Vastu tries to create a balance so that your home becomes the place where you can find mental solace. Additionally, this ancient science of architecture also has the power to bring happiness into your life and enhance health, prosperity, and good luck. This is a discipline that affects your life gradually. If your home is Vastu-compliant, your home will become the ideal abode for you. If you have any concerns about this ancient science or have specific questions, you can now talk to an expert of Vastu online on platforms like Astroyogi.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Your Home

Here are some Vastu tips that you can follow to bring happiness, prosperity in your lives and lead a quality life.

  • Tips for Financial Prosperity

Money is an essential factor for survival. Homeowners can follow these Vastu guidelines to ensure financial prosperity and monetary well-being at home.

  1. The best way to ensure financial stability in your home is to keep the cash locker or almirah, where you keep the cash, jewellery, or other important financial documents in the south-west corner of the house. This should be done in such a way that it opens towards the north or north-east direction.  
  2. The colour purple is known to represent wealth. This is why it is best to paint the walls of the residence purple. However, if repainting is difficult, the other alternative is to keep a money plant in a purple-coloured pot in your home.
  3. Setting a mirror right in front of the cash drawer or cash locker is another good way of attracting wealth. This symbolises the multiplication of your money.
  • Tips for Good Health

The famous quote- ‘health is wealth’ holds true in our lives. A Vastu-compliant home can help promote good health, eliminate negative energy, and bring peace of mind. You can follow these tips to ensure good health.

  1. You must sleep with your head in the south direction. This helps you to have a sound sleep and promotes a healthy lifestyle. You must not sleep with your head in the north direction as this can cause stress and health problems.
  2. You should avoid setting your bed in front of a mirror in the bedroom as reflecting a sleeping person can cause energy drain and sickness. Placing your bed in front of the mirror can also cause nightmares, which will not allow you to have a sound sleep.
  3. The centre of the house, also known as the ‘Brahmasthan,’ is the core that nourishes all the other areas of your home. This is why it is necessary to have this space open. As per Vastu, the house’s centre should be strictly free of any heavy structure. It should either be left empty or have very light furniture. This ensures the free flow of energy, which will further ensure that you have a good life in your home.
  •  Tips to Strengthen Family Relationships

Your family is the most integral part of your life. You share your happiness, sorrow, good times, and bad times with your family, and they support you throughout. If relations with your family are distorted or conflicted, it will make your life disharmonious and sad. Follow these tips to strengthen your family relationships. 

  1. You should hang a family picture on the south-west wall of your home. This can make you experience better harmony in your family and enhance love between the family members.
  2. Avoid putting up pictures depicting violence in your home, as these can attract negative energy into your home. Paintings depicting a sinking ship, depicting wars, sharp weapons, etc., can create an aggressive atmosphere at home. This could bring about conflicts in the family. It could also create discord among married couples, which can lead to separation or divorce.  
  3. Avoid metal beds as they emit cold energy. Metal beds can disturb your sleep and cause tension between partners. Wood, on the other hand, is known to emit warm energy, hence go for wooden beds. Also, married couples should sleep on a single bed and avoid two beds or mattresses joined together.

Another important Vastu tip is to keep the main door or the entrance area well-decorated with vibrant things. The main entrance door is the entryway for the energies in your home. Therefore, you should keep it clean and decorated. This will attract wealth and good vibes into your home.

By following these tips, you can attract harmony, wealth, good health, and prosperity for your family. This ancient science of architecture can help you have a good life and fill your life with positive energy. If you want to invite positivity in your life, consult the expert of Vastu online on Astroyogi. Astroyogi can help you consult the best Vastu experts around the clock. 

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