While any eCommerce business relies on a number of different factors in order to find real success, there are certain tools in your arsenal that stand out. Facebook advertising services are currently one of the most powerful ways online to increase brand authority and generate traffic and sales. If utilized correctly, they can create a connection with customers.

You might be wondering if Facebook is truly a viable way of generating traffic to your eCommerce store. After all, isn’t organic SEO a better time and money investment at the moment? And if you wanted to run ads, wouldn’t you just use Google?

Not necessarily. First of all, SEO and paid advertising tackle different problems. SEO is what will get you long term traffic and consistent cash flow, while advertising online is better used for drawing attention to specific products, increasing brand awareness, and running promotions. Both methods can be used alongside each other to produce amazing results, one doesn’t negate the other.

On top of this, while Google does still remain one of the most popular and most powerful advertising platforms, it’s not always the most effective option, especially if you are trying to call attention to a specific product or want to create a connection with potential customers.

Google can get quite expensive since almost every company with a little money is vying for the top spots on page one. There’s not a lot of real estate to go around. With Facebook advertising services on the other hand, as long as you know how to target your potential customers, there’s always room for your message to get across. There’s never been a better time to utilize Facebook ads, whereas the best time to use Google was about a decade ago.

How to Best Use Facebook Advertising

The power of Facebook advertising comes in relatability. It’s your chance to show your potential customers anything, using any kind of messaging you want, including carousel photos, video content, and even memes.

If done correctly, a Facebook ad isn’t obtrusive for the user, it is actually welcome. With the right combination of targeting and messaging, a Facebook ad will resonate with the user and either draw them onto your Facebook brand page, or get them to immediately click a link to your product, where they are highly likely to buy, or at least consider buying in the immediate future.

Perhaps more importantly, you are creating rapport with potential customers, who will be amused, entertained, or informed by your ad. After all, these are the reasons why most people are on social media to begin with, so if you can fill those specific needs even while selling a product, you are essentially giving people what they want, and they will remember that.

This is the power of Facebook advertising that other platforms like Google don’t have. You can craft powerful creatives that can communicate much more detailed and targeted messages directly to users who are most likely to become your next customers based on their user behavior.

Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising Services

If you want to utilize the power of Facebook ads for your eCommerce business, you should invest in an agency that understands the complexities of user targeting and knows how to build creatives that produce results. It’s easy to sink a lot of money into Facebook and get nothing back if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like any advertising platform, there’s a learning curve.

The team at Genius eCommerce knows exactly how to get the kind of results you’re looking for through a deep understanding of the Facebook platform and the skillset to bring it all together. They have a proven track record of getting businesses more traffic and sales through powerful advertising methods. If you are looking for a team that knows what they’re doing, get in contact with them at 267-225-1946.

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