Kraft Paper Bags, Use Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags For Comfort

Buy paper gift bags at wholesale prices and stay comfy!

Nowadays, because of rising environmental concerns, there has been a need for using paper bags. The paper bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable and also recyclable. The paper bags made out of kraft papers can withstand more pressure or weight than many plastic bags. These paper bags are not just safe for the environment, but it’s also safe for children as it allows less suffocation risk to kids or animals. Brown kraft paper bags are in most usage as people use it for carrying vegetables and other groceries and things.

However, with so many plus points, there are few drawbacks also as it is not waterproof. They are expensive and also require more storing area than the traditional plastic bags, and it’s heavy and delicate to use.

Types of Papers Used to Make Paper Bags

This is the most important factor as it decides what will be the look and thickness of the paper bag. Moreover, it also affects the strength and durability of the bag according to the paper used in its making. 

Here is the list of paper used for making paper bags:

  • Kraft Paper- These are unbleached, giving a textured feel to the touch. This paper is strong as it is made out of virgin wood pulp. It is also in great demand and is also to make bags. The kraft paper typically comes in shades of brown or white. Mostly the brown kraft paper is used instead of white. The white paper bags are used to highlight the logo of your business, giving it a clean and clear view while brown paper bags don’t look presentable, but its easy maintenance makes it more accessible. This is why more and more people are going for wholesale kraft paper bags. 
  • Recycled Paper- This is uncoated paper softer, smoother in touch and is made out of old recycled papers which is indeed the best to make eco-friendly paper bags. They come in white color, brown color and even in other colours.
  • Brown Kraft Paper Bags

They are the most sought-after bags in popularity. These bags add in a lot of elegance to them, and they are made from recyclable materials. Because of these amazing properties, the brown kraft paper bags are widely used by merchandising brands for clothing, footwear, watches, perfumes etc. and they are also used by some fully functional local retail outlets and large-scale grocery shops.

  • Custom Kraft Paper Bags

These bags have gained popularity recently because it allows you with a chance of promoting your business and brand. You can customize custom kraft paper bags by getting printed your brand name, signature, address, phone numbers and also the logo to get popular in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Brown Kraft Rope Handle Paper Bag

These are luxurious recycled brown rope handle paper bags which are ideal for use by boutiques, gift shops, and jewelry stores to leave a good impression on the customer with good publicity.

  • Brown Block Bottom Kraft Bags

These are SOS bags made from brown Kraft paper with block bottom which make it ideal for grocery shops, bakeries, confectioneries and also craft shops. These brown Kraft paper bags have a flat bottom and side gusset with no handles.

  • Brown Folded Handle Paper Bags

They are popular with retail and shopping businesses which include farm shops and takeaway stores. They are made from brown Kraft paper with brown handles, but it can also be personalized.

 All the brown kraft paper bags are economically eco-friendly, which has made them gain popularity among the masses.