Unleash the Power of Analytics to Make New Opportunities

The global economic crisis due to Coronavirus Pandemic has increased the need and demand for digital transformation. Businesses that weren’t leveraging the benefits of advanced tools and systems earlier are now switching to smart and intelligent platforms for strategic growth and analysis. Mckinsey in one of its recent articles shared that analytics is the most essential tool that can help navigate the effect of COVID-19.

As we already know, data is everywhere from our workflow to where we measure the work, the better we understand the same and optimize it in the right direction, the better we can evolve as a company. Understanding this fact, organizations are now using embedded analytics and finding out more opportunities in products and services to cater to their customers. The fact that the chances of getting new leads and customers are fairly low due to COVID-19 era, leaders are making use of analytics to monetize their data and position themselves as a forward looking data-centric company. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the solid reasons for adopting embedded analytics from reliable business analytics software, Tableau as a survival tool for businesses during COVID-19 era.

  1. Stay Tech-ready as You Enter the Digital-First World

The neck-to-neck competition, plus the challenges related to Coronavirus has undoubtedly accelerated the tech-driven market. Business analytics software has generated new revenue-building streams for the company relying on the same by creating clear analytics on the current status of the products and services offered to the customers and scope of improvisation on the same.

Tableau’ embedded analytics feature adds value to informed decision making and empowers leaders to make insightful decisions based on strategic approach.

  1. Secure Network to Share Information

Business data analytics hold the utmost value to the company and should be shared only with the concerned authorities in a safe and sound environment. However, not all the tools that you use to share the information in this digi world are safe to share confidential information and unfortunately, we don’t know about them. Even the cloud platforms where you think you own the data, is not yours. The vendor, your cloud hosting partner owns the same.

However, tableau is different in this aspect and transfers the information on end-to-end encryption, ensuring the security of the data.

  1. Saving Time and Resources

Analyzing a complex data may take several days manually. Plus, uploading the same at one platform from different sources is not an easy task, sometimes the incapability to connect with the sources forces resources to enter the entries manually and then carry out the analysis.

Tableau’ embedded analytics however, gathers the data from various sources and arranges them as per their relationship table in just a few clicks. This not just saves the time involved in gathering information and arranging the data, but also limits the number of resources required to execute the reporting function.

Economic crunches are hard to balance right now but a strategic approach with the Business Intelligence Software may navigate some of the major business challenges due to COVID-19. It’s the sooner you adopt the technology, the enhanced benefits you get. Find yourself an opportunity to drive revenue in the COVID-19 era, talk to experts and know tableau pricing today.

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