Understanding the Differences between Area Rugs & Carpets: How to clean them professionally?

Generally, people think that area rug and carpet are similar because both are used to enhance a room’s aesthetic. But, it is quite essential to know that there exist distinct differences between the two. So, everyone should consider the differences, pros, cons and significant factors before purchasing any of these products to decorate their room.

Also, Professional Area Rug Cleaning methods are somewhat different from the Area Rug Carpet cleaning methods. So, let’s explore the differences between area and carpet and how to clean them professionally.

Area Rug Vs Carpet: The Main Comparison

The critical difference between area rug and carpet is their size as both of them are different is sizes. Generally, the area rugs are 2meter in length, whereas the carpet covers the entire room and gets attached to the flooring.

So, you should jump into the market by considering the core difference between both of them. You should pay to heed whether you want to cover a specific area or the whole room.

Indeed, we have clarified the primary difference between both of them. Now, let’s discover which one is ideal for your room’s space.

You need to deem several factors before the final decision.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

If you have kids and pets at home, then the area rug is suitable for a high traffic home. It is quite challenging to remove dust and grime from the carpet. Also, you require expensive equipment and professional assistance to clean your carpet flawlessly.

Conversely, an area rug can be rotated and cleaned easily. You don’t need substantial time and effort to remove dirt, spill and other food particles from the rugs. Besides, you can shift the area rug from one room to another without taking any professional assistance. Another great thing about the area rug is that you can clean and dry it promptly.

If you have a high traffic room or space, you should opt for an area rug. Otherwise; if you can take care of the carpet and afford professional carpet cleaning, then go for it. You should check your convenience and comfort before you make the final decision.

Installation and Removal

The installation process is quite different for rug and carpet. You can’t install or remove carpet without any professional help or proper skills. Moreover; the carpet installation process is costly and involves extra expenses.

On the contrary, rugs can be installed or removed with little or no effort. The rug installation process can be performed in no time. You can quickly fix it to the floor within a few minutes.

If the installation and removal process is regular, you should buy an area rug for this purpose. Nevertheless, you should buy a carpet if you don’t want to install or remove it daily.

Again, it depends on the needs and space of your room. The professional carpet cleaners can help you in the installation of carpet like a pro.

The Vision

Everyone wants to design a room differently. You should choose a rug or carpet after choosing a suitable design for flooring. For instance, if you have a wooden floor at home, installing a rug in that room works like the cherry on the top. You can choose any of the rug designs that enhance the aesthetic and appearance of a room.

However, if you want to cover the entire space/flooring, choosing a carpet is the best choice. There are different types of carpet, and you can pick up the one that looks great in your room.

However; an expensive and posh carpet requires proper care and maintenance. You need to clean it frequently otherwise it colour stars fading with time. A dirty carpet makes your room look unclean and grimy.

The Professional Ways to Clean Area Rug & Carpet

No matter if you have an area rug or carpet at home; you can maintain its appearance with proper care.

Here’s what you can do to clean them professionally.

Collect the necessary tools and equipment

You need the following equipment to clean your area rug and carpet including;

  • Dish shampoo or regular shampoo
  • Water
  • Soft brush or sponge  
  • Tub

Remove Dust And Grime

You can use a top-notched vacuum cleaner for this purpose. The vacuum cleaner better eradicates dust and food particles. For your carpet; you should clean it thrice a week whereas you can clean your area rug once a week. Again, the foot traffic determines the ultimate decision.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Area Rug Carpet

It is quite risky to handle your area rug or posh carpet at home. Amateur dealing can ruin quality, eminence and fibre of the carpet. So, it is better to seek professional carpet cleaners’ assistance for the satisfactory results.

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