Understanding metal roof installation

While a lot of homes and businesses choose metal roofing as their singular option due to the cost effective nature of this solution and its several advantages, metal roofing calls a bit of understanding from your side so that you can make some important decisions with regard to your metal roofing project. Metal roofing installation techniques can differ greatly depending on which fastening system you want to select. When it comes to single skin roofing, the three options available as per today’s industry trends include concealed fastener, exposed fastener and standing seam.

Concealed fastener installation

Under the concealed fastener metal roof installation method, the fasteners are fixed and then concealed by a snap fitted over the side lap. In some cases, this can also be done by employing snap-on bottom caps. Concealed fastener installation technique can go well with the panel sizes of 16 inches or less width. Generally, this technique is used on the roofing solutions that feature a 3:12 or greater slope. Concealed fastener installation is found ideal for using in the commercial, architectural and residential industries. In these kinds of installation environments, it is possible to install them either on conventional or wood-framed substructures.

Exposed fastener installation

As part of the exposed fastener installation strategy, fastened panels that are exposed are fixed tot eh substrate with the help of fasteners that come with washers meant for facilitating weather tightness. This kind of roofing strategy is well suited for commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential installation environments on account of its low cost, easiness of installation and the wide variety of options available to suit light applications. As part of this installation method, fasteners that are exposed are installed on solid substrates or open frames with the help of exposed screws. Field applied systems help in the proper alignment and tightness of the fasteners.   

Standing seam installation

In this method of metal roof installation, standing seam metal roof panels are fitted tot eh substrate with mechanical clips that remain concealed. These days, the metal clips used for this application are available in different stand-off heights. The advantages of these clips is that they facilitate the space needed for different insulation thicknesses based on the height of the clip chosen. In most cases, these clips are designed in such a way they will permit the expansion or contraction of the roof panels independent of the substrate. This feature can help in the durability and longevity of the metal roofing panels employed in the project. This strategy is best suited for heavy commercial, architectural, some residential and industrial applications.

Approach your metal roof installation project with care

Roof is something that stands on top of your building highly exposed to the weather extremities. The roof plays a major role in protecting the building, its activities, materials found inside and the inmates of the building. Hence, it is essential that you pay the most attention to the roofing project choosing the right materials, and metal roof Ottawa contractors who can deliver good results.

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