Undergo Nose Reshaping & Get A Prettier Face Than Ever Before!

Importance Of Nose

The nose is the most important defining characteristic part of the face. A slight change in the nose’s size or the shape, i.e. a minor nose reshaping can change a person’s looks and personality a lot. The role of nose reshaping is an improvement in the nose aesthetically and creating harmony with other features of the face. Rhinoplasty is another name for nose reshaping.

A person can reshape the nose internally too. People undergo this for medical reasons to breathe easily. Other names for nose reshaping are “nasal surgery” &“nose job”. The surgery involves shaping and reconstruction of the cartilage and bone to enhance the appearance and function of the nose.

Consulting a Surgeon for Nose Reshaping

There are different reasons why people want nose reshaping. Some people face trouble while breathing and hence go for this while others might have had some injury on the face and want correction in the resulting asymmetry. Some of the patients just want a better nose for a better look.

You must consult an expert before you go for a plastic surgery who is specialized in rhinoplasty. A plastic surgeon generally inspects:

  • Ethnic Background
  • Skin Type
  • Age
  • Breathing problems or nasal obstruction history
  • History of trauma or previous surgery.

Apart from all these a surgeon will explain about:

  • What can you expect from the whole procedure
  • How cartilage and nasal bone are sculpted to reshape the nose
  • Options for anesthesia
  • Where the surgery takes place
  • Possible complications

A plastic surgeon can explain whether you need to undergo the surgery or not. He can suggest alternatives too.

Nose Reshaping & Care

The surgery can take place in any surgical hospital. A thorough history examination of the patient is conducted before any surgery. A patient can give anesthesia to keep a person in sleep throughout the surgery. Local anesthesia allows the patient to remain awake but still pain-free during the surgery.

Once the nose reshaping surgery is done, the next few days can be difficult. A small splint put on the patient’s nose that helps to protect the new structure and keep it stable. It should stay on the nose for a minimum of 5 days. There’s an absorbent dressing inside the nose put inside after the surgery. It comes out in a day or two.

Surgery involves the use of absorbable stitches too which do not need to be removed.

Post Surgery Precautions

For the best results, the patient must follow some easy precautions. If not, the repercussions can be bad. Some of these precautions are:

  • Stay away from the sun
  • Do not blow the nose for two to three weeks after the surgery
  • Keep your head elevated for the first two to three days while sleeping.
  • Avoid exertion after the surgery and avoid any kind of injury
  • Notify the surgeon in case of any problem such as high temperature, unbearable pain, skin rash, excessive bleeding, visual disturbance, or any other problem.

Make sure you visit your surgeon regularly after the surgery for some time. He can check if there’s anything wrong.

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