Ugly Impacts of Drug Abuse and its Treatment

Drug addiction is also known as substance abuse or substance use disorder. It means the detrimental and excessive consumption of legal as well as illegal drugs. This causes many behavioural alterations in the person as well as impacts his or her brain functions.

Drug addiction happens when one person abuses mainly substances like

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Opioid
  • Painkillers
  • Nicotine

Drugs such as these induce ‘dopamine’ or the happiness hormone into the addicts. They said the person to feel good or happy about themselves. As they constantly abuse the drug, the brain begins to increase the dopamine levels. With each passing day, the person demands more and more of these kinds of substances. Their dependency grows.

The modern drug addiction treatment specifically is designed to fight all the harmful effects.

Harmful consequences of drug addiction

Drug addiction has many extremely bad consequences. Multiple signs of addiction manifests. These effects include

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Red eyes
  • Increased heart rate
  • They become intoxicated and thus fail to show any proper coordination.
  • They also have problem store member things. An addict once addicted is not able resist to use them.
  • They become unable to function correctly without ingesting them.
  • It causes damage to the brain, which adversely affects lots of facets of their lives.
  •  Their personal as well as professional relationships begin to have negative impact.
  • It affects their mental cognition
  • Their ability to make proper decisions take a toll.
  • They have shown inability to retain information also.
  • They mostly make poor judgments
  • There is a propensity to get involved in reckless activities like stealing.
  • Driving under the in fluencies also a common mistake they all do. This might not only cause harm to themselves but to others as well.
  • They have to ensure that their every day supply is met. For this, they are willing to pay a huge load of money, even if that leads them to go out of their means.
  • They start to have erratic sleep patterns resulting in problems in concentration. This also leads to a widespread of health hazards.
  • Addiction also leads a person to live an isolated life. They become less and less social and prefer being cooped up inside a room.
  • There eating patterns also goes through a huge change. At times they have intense hunger. Other times they register no food craving at all.
  • There personal hygiene and sanitation also suffers due to this. They stop taking these issues seriously. This results into illness and infections.
  • Drug addiction also impacts a person’s speech in a negative way. Their voice becomes groggy and speech muffled.As a result they fail to have a proper conversation and communicate explicitly. They either speak fast or too slow to comprehend.
  • There have been cases where the addicts have experienced moderate to extreme hallucinations. It is like they are transported into a realm of fantasy which had no connection to reality.
  • Sometimes the addict becomes hyperactive. They feel a surge of extra energy that leads them to go beyond their physical capacity and work. Needless to say, it has an adverse effect on the body in the longer run.
  • The addicts report to have extreme mood swings.Within a matter of few seconds, their mood transforms. One second he or she could be happy. The next second he or she could become sad for no apparent reason.
  • They become extremely secretive. This causes stress issues within their family, friends and even colleagues.
  • The activities and hobbies that they used to love, addiction might cause total disinterest in them.

Sublocade doctors near me are aware of all these consequences and treat the patients accordingly.

Legal Consequences

drug addiction treatment

The bad impact of abuse is not restricted to detrimental effects on physical and mental health, but then also leads to many legal consequences. There have been cases where individuals had to deal with the legal consequences for the rest of their life.

These days more and more companies are asking the employees to take a drug test before offering them job. Driving under the influence of drugs can also result in many serious legal actions and even heavy fines.

Seeking treatment

By understanding this physical, emotional, social and legal impact of the substance, individuals can make an informed decision dealing with their own health. One must always remember that it is never too late to seek help. Especially in these kinds of cases. Rehabilitation centers like the sublocade treatment centers offer their patients a supportive environment to get healed. The drug addiction treatment centers are excellent aids too.

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