Types of packaging using cardboard materials

Packaging has become an important means of advertisement. Many companies are adopting it to increase their brand awareness. They use various tactics to increase their visual appeal. They make it attractive for winning the response of people. Custom boxes have become very popular due to their endless advantages. They promote the company and its products. You can print exclusive graphics to describe your company and products. You can introduce imaginative and creative shapes. You can print them by using the latest printing technique. For creating elegant packaging, offset printing and screen printing are useful. You can use PMS and CMYK color schemes for printing cardboard boxes. Die-cutting, perforation, and scoring can help to increase the beauty of boxes. Many additional factors such as foiling, coating, and laminations can enhance its visual appeal. 

Cardboard material has become the best choice for producing custom boxes. It is strong and sturdy. It was developed many years ago. More than 90% of US companies are using it for the production of their product packaging. It comes in various shapes and styles. It is recyclable and sustainable. Here are different types of cardboard packaging.

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Single-face board and single-wall board

There are many types of cardboard packaging solutions. It is a unique and versatile material that comes in various shapes and styles. You can use any style according to your need. Single-face board is the most common type. You may have encountered it many times. It is corrugated cardboard which, on the other side of the fluted sheet, does not include the second straight portion. It helps to keep the items separated that are present in the same box. It helps them intact during transit. It does not allow them to knock together. Single-wall board is the common type. You can find it in common types of packaging solutions. It has one fluting layer in the middle of two flat walls. It is still strong, even one with a single flute layer. They both are common types of cardboard packaging.

Triple-wall board and corrugated fiberboard

Triple-wall board contains three layers of fluting between two the two external walls. It is exceptionally essential for heavy items. You can package automotive parts or appliances inside custom packaging. You can also find boxes with four layers, five layers, and more layers of fluting between the outer walls. They are very rare and find their applications in special cases. You may need them for their strength during exceptional circumstances. Corrugated fiberboard contains two flat external layers. Each external layer possesses a wavy layer in the center. You can call this wavy layer fluting. It helps the box hold heavy objects without bending or folding. You can get it in various thicknesses according to your needs. Differently thick custom boxes wholesale are differently strong. You can get it in different sizes and dimensions according to your objects.

Honeycomb cardboard and paperboard

Honeycomb cardboard is not a common type of packaging, but it is exceptionally strong. It possesses several levels of corrugation. They make up the length of the piece. All of these lengthy layers are covered by a piece of paper on each side to make up the width of the box. A very thin type of cardboard is paperboard. You can use it for the packaging of cereals and toilet paper rolls. It has other common names, such as chipboard or carton. It is less sturdy as compared to corrugated fiberboard. Therefore, you may use it for lighter objects. They are best for non-load bearing applications. You can use paperboard for the packaging of lighter and lightweight objects. It cannot hold heavyweight goods. 

Grey cardboard and matboard

Companies prepare grey cardboard from recycled paper. It finds many applications in many industries. You can use it for bookbinding and model making. It also finds its applications in the packaging industry. It is also thin but thicker as compared to paperboard. It cannot hold heavy objects. Therefore, you may use it for lightweight or non-load bearing applications. Matboard is another important form of cardboard. It finds the most common application in photo frames. It helps to keep photographs and artwork secure. It gives them a complete look. It keeps them flat and safe. There are different types of matt boards, such as standard matboard, white core matboard, black core, and color core mat board. It has transformed the way of keeping the photos safes and secure. It protects them from becoming folded or bent.

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Standard mat board and conservation board

Standard matboard is not a good option for conservation. It slows down the deterioration of the photo or artwork. It does not protect it completely. It means it can only increase the life of photos or artworks but cannot prevent them from deterioration. Hence, you may use other kinds of this material to keep them secure for a long time. You can consider other materials for long-term storage. It should ensure the protection of delicate art and images. Conservation board is another type of cardboard material. It is useful for effective framing. You can use this material for effectively protecting delicate artworks and images. It keeps them secure for the long-term. You can make use of this material to secure the images of your school life or college. It will keep them safe. You can get them and go to your memories. You can protect them for a long time by using this kind of backing. There are many types of cardboard packaging. Different industries and companies design it according to their requirements and needs. Different types possess different levels of strength. They help to keep the packaged items secure from potential risks. You can use any of these types that can suit your needs. You can make 

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