Types of ladders used in industries for commercial uses

Ladders are one of the most essential types of warehouse equipment used in the industries. They are used for a variety of purposes despite being a very simple mechanical tool. It is quite evident that without the use of ladders the industrial work will be hampered. Every industry in some form or the other will be using a ladder to complete some form of job. In the warehouses, it is a basic tool for offloading and storing items in place. But wait, as you don’t have a clue on which is the best ladder for you read this article which illustrates in detail the type of industrial ladders available in the market and how they can be used-

Step ladders

These are the most commonly used ladders in industries and even in for retail purposes such as in houses. They have a very simple folding design in between the two legs of the ladder. They can be used for all sorts of activities. But there are certain problems with using the simple step ladders. The first problem is the height. It can reach a height of 10-12 feet maximum. But to work as warehouse equipment sometimes the ladder length has to be longer. The use of the ladder should be made for lightweight to medium weight only. They are made from industrial grade fiber or plastic.

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are also simple and similar in design compared to the step ladders. The only point of difference is that they have a platform at the top. There are various advantages of using a platform ladder instead of a step ladder. One of the main things of being better is that the platform at the top is essential for working as warehouse equipment. This ensures that the person working at the top of the ladder has got extra footing space to work comfortably. It gives less stress and pressure on the bottom of your foot and thus you can stay and work continuously on the top for hours. They too have side railings at the sides as an added security feature.

Extension ladders

The extension ladders are used as warehouse equipment in Melbourne various industries. You must have seen the emergency services personnel using such types of ladders. There is a big advantage of using extension ladders as a preferable ladder for your industry. The height of the ladder can be varied according to the optimum work height. They can be extended but up to a certain height only. Even then they have multiple benefits where goods have to be retrieved or offloaded or stored in high racks and shelves. The problem of the extension ladder is that it does not have too much load-bearing capacity. They can only be used for lightweight or medium weight load capacity.

Compactor foldable ladders

Compactor foldable ladders are put to good use in certain industries. They are also used for a wide variety of uses in the warehouses. It is very important to save up floor space inside your warehouse.  And this is where the compactor foldable ladders come to the rescue as essential warehouse equipment.  They can be used for various purposes and later when not in use they can be folded to ensure that do not add up to our storage space.

You can have the least amount of space inside the warehouse and still use the foldable ladders without obstruction to the daily work and hustle. But as they can be folded they too like the other ones do not have a very high load-bearing capacity. You can only use them for lightweight to medium weight uses.

Work platforms

These are enclosed platforms with side railings attached to the large outdoor ladders. Have you seen the ladders being used in construction sites, or by house demolition companies? You will notice that the height of these outdoor ladders is staggeringly taller than the other ladders.

As a safety feature for the persons working on the top, they have a work platform but that is guarded by railings and nets from all sides. They find very little use as indoor warehouse equipment. They can only be used for outdoor purposes and also need special storage locations. They have an astonishingly high load-bearing capacity and can tolerate a couple of people along with the engineering goods and items at a height easily.

Type of material used to construct ladders

There are two types of materials that are used for indoor warehouse ladders or outdoor ladders. They are either fiberglass or aluminum.  

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