Types Of Compression Stocking

Types Of Compression Stocking

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Compression stockings are those that we wear when we want to promote the flow of the blood in our legs. It could be suggested by the doctor when you have a certain problem with the blood circulation in your legs. But is there only one type of compression socks? No. if there are many, then when do we use particular compression socks? To answer this, I have listed the different types of compression socks. You can read on, and find out the same.

Compression Stocking

Types of compression socks:

  1. Calf sleeves- These plus size compression socks that come till your calves. They are specially meant to help the region of your leg from feet until your calves. They are available in various designs and colors, as well as materials. They will help you to feel better, and as they come to your calves, it’s easy to maneuver walking and wearing clothes.
  • Open toe socks- For people who wish to wear sandals, for them, there are the footless compression socks women. These socks cover your legs from knees to feet but your toes are open. This will allow you some wiggle room and you can freely walk.
  • Closed-toe socks- These compression stockings are very similar to an actual pair of socks. You can get to wear these with boots or when you are in the house. They will cover your leg from the knee down to your feet. Your feet and legs will be covered with these socks.
  • Ankle sleeves- Ankles sleeves can also be considered as plus size compression socks. They will mainly focus and cover your ankle. These socks are for those people who have pain in their ankle or face difficulty in leg function and movement due to their ankles. They are mostly open-toed and come slightly above your ankles.
Compression Stocking
  • Elbow sleeves- The socks aren’t limited to your legs, they also extend to your hands and there are elbow sleeves. It covers your upper arm till slightly below your elbow. It supports your elbow and covers, as well as protects it from getting hurt.
  • Knee sleeves or brace- The knee sleeve is commonly worn by a lot of people who have had recent knee surgery. The knee braces will help you to walk without putting much pressure on your injured knee. It is like a soft cushion to support your knee.
  • Arch sleeves- They are the footless compression socks women. These sleeves are unique as it only covers the arch area of your feet. This is mostly worn to aid in waking and standing without putting complete pressure on the feet. Your feet sometimes ache if you have a deeper arch, and hence, with this sleeve, you can walk long distances without any pain.

There are also thigh sleeves, which cover your upper thighs and area above the knee; this will help in bracing your legs for the movements. These socks are meant to give you mobility and aids in regular blood circulation. They are available in many sizes, styles, patterns, and colors for your taste.