Try these low-cost tips and tricks to update your retail space

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As the seasons change, it’s natural to be struck by the urge to spring clean. This time of year provides a perfect opportunity to see what is and isn’t working in your space, and might even inspire you to overhaul your space and make room for a new look. A complete remodel is expensive, of course—but with the right pieces here and there, there’s no need to get bogged down by huge projects. Take a look at some of our best suggestions for decor, furniture, and commercial lighting fixtures that will help you update your space without breaking the bank. Each of these tips and tricks will help you transform your space into a modern, bright, and airy oasis that your customers will love.

Create window-like effects:

Windows can make even the smallest spaces feel larger and airier. But if you’re short on actual windows, you can create the same effect using strategic pieces of decor. Items like mirrors or curtains can create a similar sense of light and movement. Try hanging mirrors on interior walls to make the space look larger and more vibrant. Tall, skinny ones will create the impression of more horizontal and more vertical space. Hanging white linen panels, either framing the mirrors or by themselves, is another way to achieve this effect.

Draw the eye upwards:

Are you making use of all of your vertical space? Draw the customer’s eye upwards to create a more open and welcoming feel in your space—and gain some extra room to display products or decor while doing it. Hanging shelves are an easy way to capitalize on your vertical space. Choose shelving that varies in length for a playful look. If you don’t need more shelving, try adding floor-to-ceiling drapes to give the impression of greater vertical height.

Get creative with lighting:

Illuminating your space correctly can go a long way in making sure that your space feels bright and inviting. Avoid dark corners and create a dynamic atmosphere by using a combination of different lighting sources. Track lighting is bright and space-efficient. Combine track lights with decorative sconces to bring in some personality, or add picture lights like these to highlight your spectacular decor or merchandise. Using multiple light sources in this way creates a layered lighting effect that is visually interesting but not stuffy or distracting. Atlanta Light Bulbs offers a wide range of commercial lighting fixtures like these to choose from, and you can browse online to find the options that will work best for your space. Then ship it straight to your door and get decorating!

Play with color:

To keep your space from feeling crowded or stuffy, stick to light, neutral colors like white, ivory, or grey. This will help the overall look of your space remain simple, modern, and streamlined. But don’t be afraid to bring color into the mix, too. Try adding brighter colors in as accents in select places: maybe a strategically placed piece of furniture, or small items of decor like vases or throw pillows. These accents will naturally draw the eye, and give you the ability to bring your customer’s attention right where you want it. If you want to get even bolder with your splash of color, try adding an accent wall. Painting one wall a bright color adds playfulness and personality to your space without straining your wallet. Colorful or patterned wallpaper on your accent wall can add even more movement and variety to the room.

Small details like pops of color, vertical accents, and new commercial lighting fixtures can make all the difference in your space without costing you a fortune, so feel free to get spring cleaning and redecorating. Your customers and your space will be grateful for it.

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