Trending On-Demand Mobile Application Services In 2020

On-Demand services are increasing gradually, and it has become quite popular in the past few years. Software development companies are emphasizing mobile app development services that would be easily available anywhere you prefer. Whether you’re trying to develop a cab service for your taxi cab business or want a booking app to manage appointments for your hair salon since it’s hard to get all the customers scheduled with their given time.

All your day-to-day tasks can be streamlined with a single mobile application. Customers will have to wipe out their cell phones, go to the mobile application that they want to use, and book their required service within a few seconds.

Following are some prominent industries that own On-Demand mobile application services, and are earning well and generating groundbreaking revenue for their business, and for the entrepreneurs.

  • Food Delivery
  • Healthcare Services
  • Taxi booking services
  • Personal Utility services
  • Homecare Services
  • Freelancing / On-Demand jobs

In this blog we will be discussing about what do these above-mentioned industries did to achieve their goals and how did they operate:

Food Delivery:

We have already witnessed the demand for online food delivery applications all over the world. There is some well-known on-demand food delivery app, such as Zomato, UberEats, and FoodPanda, etc. Food ordering businesses have experienced great success in the past few years, even restaurants managed to get themselves an online platform from eCommerce app development Company. Ever since the COVID-19 struck the world, online food delivery apps became a huge hype, since everyone was stuck at homes.

People often enjoy eating their favorite food in the comfortable environment of their homes. There is no way that people would stop eating food, that’s one of the reasons why the food delivery business can never slow down. Food delivery mobile apps are a great hit, and it can generate revenue for the rest of your lives.

Healthcare Services:

Medical Healthcare is one of the biggest industries of all time. Though, it has always been a challenge to make Healthcare service reach out to needy people. But On-Demand health cares mobile applications can tackle this challenge quite easily. Health care applications have proven themselves really helpful to any patient looking for quick medical or healthcare assistance. On-Demand healthcare apps can opt for much faster consultation services, patients can even book their appointments with ease, and get connected to professional doctors and highly qualified consultants so that lives could be saved within a blink of an eye.

Taxi booking services:

There are many successful booking applications for traveling from one point to another, such as Uber or Ola. They are enhancing the demand for On-Demand taxi booking services. The traditional way of calling a taxi for your journey is quite outdated now, and people prefer getting their ride anywhere they need it. People want to get their taxi service right at their fingertips, and that is only possible if they have an on-demand taxi booking application.

People want to connect with the taxi driver and book their ride with ease. That’s one of the reasons why Uber has gained so much popularity among individuals in the whole world. Uber went up way faster and grew its business more and more every day, and in just a few months of its launch Uber took over the whole transportation sector. In case you are looking for an On-Demand cab booking application, I’d recommend you check out Dubai’s leading software development company.

Personal Utility services:

Personal Utility On-demand applications are quite popular for the services that they provide, such as stylists, body spa, fitness trainers, salons, and therapists, etc. These On-demand mobile applications will assist you when you are booking an appointment for your next health, fitness, or beauty treatment, while just sitting in your homes.

This On-demand mobile application has an even better feature of various payment methods so that you can pay, and if you’re the owner of the app you can earn by just sitting in your homes. Plus, one of the greatest features of these apps is that they provide you with available time slots, and can be flexible to different customers.

Homecare Services:

Apart from personal care, there are different household services that include laundry, electricians, home cleaners, cooks, pet sitters, plumbers, babysitters, and etc. these services are also in really high demand. People often are too busy to perform their chores so they hire someone who could perform these tasks for them. That’s how on-demand homecare service apps operate. They can help in many cases where homemakers can instantly book the services that they require and just sit back and relax.

Freelancing / On-Demand jobs:

A survey shows that 40% of the world’s workforce moved towards freelancing as it was quite convenient and much faster comparatively. This simply means that freelancing became the main source of income and technology for many people. That’s why it is in such high demand and ultimately there will be a guaranteed increase in On-Demand online jobs. With everything that’s going on, this will make a great impact in the on-demand hiring sector. There are many On-Demand job portals that are providing jobs. It made hiring and much easier and helped workers connect with the right employers.


Nowadays almost every business is utilizing this trend to meet all of their business goals, on-demand mobile app development has proven to be the best for your stable business. On-demand apps are growing rapidly every day whether you want to do some shopping, maybe book a ride, or order food.

Investing in on-demand mobile app development in Dubai is a reliable business decision, it will for sure help the brand and its growth in this highly competitive digital tech-driven market.

Get your own On-demand application with one of the leading software development company across Dubai and the United Arab Emirates! With highly experienced developers and designers, you will get the best versatile features.

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