Treatment of Mucus – Balgam Ka Ilaj

Treatment of mucusBalgam Ka Ilaj in the sinuses involves two basic procedures: clearing and drainage. The treatment of mucus – Balgam Ka Ilaj in the sinuses generally follows two methods: mucosal biopsy, and endoscopic drainage. The procedure of biopsy is performed to determine the exact source and pathophysiology of the infection. Endoscopic drainage is the procedure of drainage that is performed through an incision made in the sinus cavity.

When a sinus infection has developed into a more severe case, the surgeon may remove part of the mucous membrane and the affected mucous – Balgam Ka Ilaj may be flushed out using a solution. This is called biopsy. The sinus cavities can be drained or biopsied to evaluate the extent of infection and the extent of sinusitis. Endoscopic drainage can be performed when the drainage is done through a small incision into the sinus cavity, making the patient more comfortable.

In endoscopy, the doctor will insert a camera into the patient’s sinuses. This camera will then take a digital picture of the affected sinus cavities to determine the extent of infection.

There are a number of advantages of endoscopy over the drainage procedure. First of all, the drainage procedure may not require any anesthesia for the patients and they can recover on their own in a week’s time. However, the endoscopy is considered a complicated surgical procedure and many complications may occur during the procedure.

Second, in the endoscopy, it is less invasive compared to the drainage procedure. The drainage procedure is often painful and takes a few hours, but the endoscopy can be completed in half an hour and does not require any anesthesia.

Third, the endoscopic drainage procedure is often recommended for children with sinusitis because children tend to produce less mucus than adults. The drainage process can also clear the congestion in the nasal passages. This method is also used to eliminate the build-up of mucus – Balgam Ka Ilaj in the back of the throat as well as in the sinuses, especially when antibiotics are used in treating sinus infection.

Endoscopy is a surgical procedure that is very effective in the treatment of the sinuses – Balgam Ka Ilaj. It is not only very safe and effective but it is not painful. In fact, the surgery is so simple that it can be done on an outpatient basis. Patients can be completely healed after the procedure in two days.

When the doctor diagnoses a sinus infection, the physician can treat the underlying cause of the infection and cure the bacteria that cause sinusitis by treating the sinus cavities. A common technique is the drainage or biopsy, which will drain the infected fluid from the sinuses – Balgam Ka Ilaj. Once the sinus cavities have been treated and bacteria have been killed, then the drainage procedure will be repeated.

After the drainage procedure, the surgeon will use an endoscope to carefully look into the sinus cavities. The endoscope can be inserted through small incisions to diagnose and remove the infected sinus – Balgam Ka Ilaj. A CT scan may be performed at the same time to see if there are any other sinus infections present.

The drainage procedure may be performed in one or both nostrils. In some cases, the drainage can be done in both nostrils so the infected fluid can drain out into the same nostril.

In some cases, the drainage procedure may be repeated several times. After the drainage, antibiotics may be given to kill bacteria that are causing the infection. At this point, the drainage procedure will be repeated in the other nostril.

Another option is to provide antibiotics to patients who have recurrent sinus infections. The drainage may be repeated in this case if antibiotics fail to work.

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