Top-Tier Features of Workforce Management Security System

Top-Tier Features of Workforce Management Security System

 In today’s market where there is a distributive workforce, a management security system has become necessary to stay organized and to effectively manage the resources. The security is under software that provides you with guarded tour management that is fully optimized and has control over what goes around in the workplace with the help of GPS tracking security guards even when you’re not physically present. All this takes place without any sort of hassle and is easily delivered on the mobile platform! It’s time to go green on security with a flawless system.

 Features of the Workforce Management Guarded Tour System 

  • GPS tracking – the map trail and the location of the guard are accessible. This includes live locations and trails and an offline guard time-stamp view. The system also provides you with Geofencing. The system ensures maximum real-time safety, assurance and enables to manage of the routes as well as distribution workload. The App has a secure and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and connect with the security personnel. A guard tour system is included.
  • Management and Assistance – NFC and QR code checkpoint system are included to make it easier to track the guard movement. Panic button assistance helps to notify urgent security alerts and can raise alarm as a concern for the safety of lone workers. The system also includes a smart visitor registration that needs to be carried out to maintain a log of visitors. Both entry and exit timings of visitors and clients can be managed by the system.
  • Incident report management – Move out of the simple Excel and Spreadsheet era and opt for the new template-based theme to view and resolve problems quickly. A user-specific report can be generated easily with a Post Order Management that creates system logs and makes sure that the order is viewed by the assigned officers. Dispatch management allows maintaining the complete history to ensure the safety of the site in real-time.
  • Communication – The system provides a communication chat to be in constant touch with the guard, and it is a private but completely professional space. All the chat information is stored well in the Application and the information is completely secure. Chat history can be archived by the manager for post-incident analysis and proof. Media can be shared through chat whether it is an image or a video to provide clarity of incidents.
  • Efficiency – This system is bound to eliminate the manual process and hence it is 100% automated. It requires zero administrative work as it includes self-service for client’s reports and schedules so that every movement can be carried out without any hassle.

The guard tour system has become a necessary feature required by the companies to ensure that the tasks are completed by the appointed personnel and on the given time interval. Many companies are opting for this security system for maximum guidance and the best workforce management security service.