Top 15 Puzzle Games For Android Users!

Android users!! Relax and enjoy these puzzle games with your friends and family. Brain-tickling and fun activities in the puzzle games are stress-busters yet very useful in improving thinking ability. Puzzle games are brain-tickling and fun to play! Let’s have a look at 15 puzzle games which an Android user MUST try:

1. Monument Valley:
An adventure game of 8 chapters, has good quality sound and graphics. It is an optical illusion which stimulates brain activity.

2. Roll the Ball:
It is a multiplayer game with no time limit and penalty. It offers daily bonuses and rewards. This fun game has 3000+ challenging levels to enjoy.

3. Cut the Rope 2:
This game is suggested for preschoolers to improve their thinking ability. You meet many new interesting characters in this game which has 168+ levels and amazing 3D graphics. Checkout the best enterprise app development company.

4. Love Poly:
You can play this game when you are offline also. There is no time limit to play this game and you get unlimited hints while playing.

5. Block! Hexa Puzzle:
It is a good game for children to improve their geometric sense. It has no time limit and provides rewards daily. The same seems easy in the beginning but quite difficult to master it. 

6. Frozen Free Fall:
There are 1000+ challenging and exciting levels in this game where you can meet interesting characters like Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Hans etc. You can earn coins and rewards while playing.

7. Threes!:
This game has a time limit and hence it needs an alert brain. There are endless levels to enjoy this game and increases your brainstorming ability. Checkout the best game app development company.

8. Triple Town:
The game lets you build your desired city in puzzle solving exciting levels. It offers different types of game-play modes, such as time attack, race against clock etc.

9. Unblock Me Free:
It has 18000+ amazing puzzles with mesmerizing sound and colourful background. This game has no time limit so you can relax and play.

10. Puzzledom:
It is a multiplayer game and has 8000+ levels to enjoy and play. There are wonderful yet simple designs which make the game extremely attractive.

11. Tropicats : Match 3:
It is an adventurous game where you have to collect points to build and decorate islands for cats and kittens. Enjoy this game with best quality music and colourful backgrounds.

12. Prune:
The uniqueness of this game is that it doesn’t include monetization. The meditational soundtrack is used to cool your brain and you can share your creative tree making idea on social media.

13. Empires & Puzzles:
In this game, you can collect and use thousands of heroes and mighty troops of different kinds. You can loot in other players’ castles and farms in your base to get resources and keep on updating your status. Discover & enjoy the fantasy world!

14. Bounce N Bang:
This game lets you use a canon to shoot cannonball to the enemy infrastructure, but you will have to use your brain to be successful. You can play it offline, and it lets you have a good time with your family. 

15. Jigsaw Magic Puzzle:
Lots of perplexing and beautiful picture puzzles to match in this game. There are tons of HD pictures and themes that you can select to go through a puzzle match. You can play this game offline too.

What an amazing list of puzzle games! Android users, what are you all waiting for! Just download any of the above or all of the above and have fun!!

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