Top 7 Essential Tips for Improving the Performance of Tractor Tyres

Tractors are essential partners of farmers and very important for farming. Tyres are a very important part of tractors. It provides comfort and security. 

There are many tractor tyre brands available in the Indian market. The tractor tyre size is different for various tasks. The company provides tractor tyre price affordable and low. 

Tractor Tyre Size

Following are the different sizes of farm vehicle:-

Front wheels size –

6.0 X 16

6.50 X 16

7.50 X 16

Rear wheels size –

12.4 X 28

13.6 X 28

14.9 X 28

What is Tractor Tyres 

Tractor tyres are a ring-shaped part, surrounding a rim of a wheel to transfer a load of a vehicle from the axle through the wheel to the ground. It offers traction on the surface over which the wheel travels.

The tyres of tractor have pneumatically inflated structures that provide a flexible cushion which absorbs shock. Tyres have a footprint, known as contact patch to match the vehicle weight with the strength of bearing of the surface. The tyre rolls over by providing a bearing pressure which will not deform the surface excessively. 

Agriculture tyres have diagonal treads that are angled at 45 degrees. The treads allow the tractor to move quickly through soil and mud and offers maximum traction. Tyres small sidewalls decrease swaying and loping, allowing the farm vehicle to travel at high speeds while pulling heavy equipment. 

Why Tractor Tyres are Important

Offers grip for acceleration and braking. 

Keep directional and steering control. 

Supports the weight of the vehicle. 

Serves as a shock absorber for vibration from the road. 

How to Improve the Performance of Agriculture Tyres

Agricultural tyres are one of the valuable assets for you. Hence, it would be best if you took care of it. If you avoid tyre maintenance, then it causes bad performance, safety, and high costs. Some necessary precautions and inspections are important to improve tyre life and performance. You could save a lot of money throughout a tractor’s lifetime. So, in the below section, we are showing a few major tips for agriculture tyre maintenance. 

Inspect Tyre Pressure 

Tyre pressure is a very important thing while driving the tractor. With proper pressure, you can enjoy a ride and save from major accidents. So make a weekly maintenance programme. 

The low-pressure gauge makes sure that farming tractor tyres are correctly inflated. Be sure to calibrate the gauge properly by having it checked at least once a year.

Check inflation pressure, when the tyre is cold, always because when the tyres are hot, Inside air expands and the tension rises. When it cools down, it will be underinflated. 

If tyres are filled with antifreeze and water, use a unique gauge and make sure that the valve is at the downside of the tyre while testing.  

If you plan to use the farm vehicle on a hard surface and hillside ploughing for long periods, then overinflation is a perfect option.  

Types of Tyres 

In the tyres industry, there are various types of tyres available that consist of different qualities. These tyres are suitable for various operations and provide a comfortable and smooth ride. Apart from farming some other tyres are industrial tyres, construction tyres, and turf tyres. Following are the major type of tyres.

High pressure 

Low pressure 

Extra high pressure 

These tyres are suitable for different fields. So, to improve the performance of agriculture tyres, you should fit a suitable tyre because the wrong tyre will cause major accidents and spoiled tractor performance. 

Check Valve Damage

Valve damage indicates that the tyre is slipping on the rim. It is caused by

Underinflated tyres

The bread had too much lubricant when the tyre was mounted.

The bead is inappropriately seated on the rim.

If a valve is harmed then get the tyre and wheel checked by a tyre specialist instantly.

Inspect Tyre Spinning

Due to the lightweights of the wheel, the tyre is spinning. Extra spinning will cause accidents. So, you have to check tyre spinning from time to time. 

Walking on rough surfaces will wear crooked rams and ultimately make the tyre useless.

To avoid this situation, you have to add extra wheel weights.

Apart from this, you might also:-

Adjust inflation pressure down (above the recommended pressure). 

Decrease the load of the draft.

Check Tyre Rim

For better performance, you should check the rim on which tyre is fitted. 

If the rim is too narrow, then it will suffer the same problems as over inflates. Due to this, the traction will be reduced. 

The tyres also suffer sidewall damage, where the wheel rim exerts additional pressure on the tire. So, you ensure that your tractor tyres and rims match. 

Clean Grease and Oil From Tyres

Grease and oil damages the tyre rubber. So, these liquids come into contact with tractor tyres then you should clean farm vehicles before storing. 

Check Tyres Daily

For better working, you should check tyre at the end of the day. Inspect scrape, breaks, and cuts. 

If the tyre is defective, then it should be removed, repaired and tested by a Tyre specialist. 

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