Top 6 High-Paying Online Jobs In the Philippines

Are you ready to jump to the online gig bandwagon? If you live in the Philippines then we have great news for you. There are so many online jobs that you’ll surely find interesting and rewarding as well. As more and more companies around the world embrace telecommuting as the new norm, more online work and positions are now available. We have the top six best high-paying online work in the country listed for you.

App Developer

As almost everyone has a smartphone, it’s most likely that apps or applications are constantly being created and who knows better to make quality, easy-to-use, customer-centric app than app developers? Whether it’s an app for entertainment or productivity, app developers are well-versed in all mobile and PC programming languages. They can create all kinds of apps and are usually hired by companies and businesses.

Aside from the knowledge of advanced programming languages, an app developer must also possess tools and equipment for his work. Most freelance app developers take home an average of PHP 442,000 yearly. Meanwhile, highly skilled and very experienced developers may earn more than a million in a year.

Social Media Manager

Social media has become more and more important these days. From big-name brands to startups, business owners use social media to connect to customers, to announce their products, services, or projects, and to provide customer service. A social media manager does everything related to social media and clients depend on their expertise to sell their brands across the web.

Filipinos are the best social media managers as they use social media platforms more than any other race and therefore, they are very familiar with how these platforms go.

But aside from just merely posting advertising, and managing company sites, social media managers also deal with online social media data and use this information to create marketing programs, announcements, and strategies as well. The best social media managers may earn up to PHP 250,000 per year. Most social media managers are employed full time but some are also project-based. Part-timers also earn good bucks, especially when working with big brands.

Game Developer

Game developers are never out of projects to do and as most developers are project-based, they can earn a lot with just one client. Game developers are creative and very talented people and most pour out all their hearts to a game that they are developing. To be a game developer, you must have a keen knowledge of the most updated gaming programs and access to the latest software and hardware to design games. A home game developing PC setup is needed and of course, these people love to play all kinds of PC, mobile games, or console games.

Most game developers in the Philippines earn as much as PHP400,000 in a year. What’s great about this online job is that they develop games and they have fun doing it!

Content Writers

Writers are the backbone of the internet. Without content writers, sites like pcso swertres hearing would be blank, Google won’t be able to find different sites and blogs would be empty. Business owners and companies hire content writers to make creative content for their business, brand, products, or services. Content writers are not just very creative and highly-skilled in writing any kind of content but also know how their work helps businesses rank higher.

Content writers may not be journalists or professional writers as most only have their passion and talent to live by but they earn a fairly good income of PHP250,000 yearly for their work. Most writers are freelancers and are project-based writers only. Some are paid for an entire project while some are paid per word. Some creative writers are part of a team of writers where steady work is done daily.


Accountants are now working from home as most of their tasks don’t require an office-based location. They create financial reports, prepare internal audits, and produce balance sheets and prepare payroll as well. Because they work online, accountants need reliable equipment, accounting software, and tax software to help them with their work.

Most experienced accountants may earn up to PHP 300,000 per year while entry-level accountants or junior accountants may take home up to PHP 200,000.

Online Sellers

Let’s not forget that online selling has become more profitable because of the recent crisis. More and more Filipinos are now selling stuff online and are very good at it. Sellers who have a talent for cooking and baking are now selling different food items. Some sell clothing while others sell electronics. A lot of shopping platforms like Shopee and Lazada has made it easier for anyone to sell online. Most say that they earn more than enough and are happy to stay at home and work as they can be near their families.

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The Philippines has hardworking and happy people who are very dedicated employees and workers. This is why we hold fifth place among the world’s largest supplier of online workers. Companies and consumers trust Pinoys and we are very grateful for their trust.

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