Top 5 Outfits to Try Out This Year

Whether it is the new year party that you want to dress up for or a dinner with friends, deciding a dress is a task. You can choose online dress shopping as your go-to-choice. However, many women do not feel comfortable investing in an outfit unless they try it or see it.

So, here’s what you should have an eye for when heading out for outfits shopping.

Sequin Chino Pants

A clothing essential that you should really hunt for is sequin chino pants. Adding it to your cart will save you the worry regarding the top that you should match with it or the jewelry that will go well with it. Because the best way to carry sequin chino pants in a chic way is to keep the top and accessories plain. A simple block colored top will do the trick. You do not have to wear flashy jewelry either. Because the flashiness of the accessories will steal the pants’ thunder.

Let the sequin chino pants be the star for the night (or day). Avoid wearing glittery heels with these pants as well. Because then you will look like a glittery Christmas decoration piece yourself.

A Velvet Affair

Investing in a velvet dress won’t hurt your pocket. It will actually give you a festive and Christmas-y look. A red or deep red velvet outfit should be a preferable choice. As far as the outfit is concerned, you can opt for a blouse, a mini dress, a long dress or even velvet pants to pair with a white top (give Santa a run for his money).

Do not worry about the accessories that you will wear a velvet outfit. Less is more in this case. Because velvet itself stands out. Wearing too many accessories with it will only ruin the look.

Back to Black

Red and white seem like the perfect color options for many people to look Christmas appropriate. But you can always dare to look different. Try making a bold statement this Christmas with an elegant black outfit. The chicest option would be to invest in a black suit. However, it shouldn’t be your ordinary suit. Try playing with cuts and opt for flared pants with a button-down shirt.

Head out in all black this Christmas because one can never go wrong with black. You might want to add some flashy accessories or feel like glittering up the whole look with heels. And it is absolutely fine. In fact, it is recommended. Because a black outfit without any flashy accessories would just give the whole outfit a boring look.

The Sparkle Factor

Not only can you opt for sequin chino pants but you can invest in sparkly dresses as well. The best part about opting for this option would be that you will not have to worry about the accessories and heels. Even the most basic ones would do. Because the dress would be a star in its own self. You would not want to draw people’s attention away from your sparkly dress.

You can choose from an array of options. It does not necessarily have to be a sparkling dress. A suit can also do the job. If not that, plain pants with a glittery top will do the trick. You will have to decide what you are comfortable with.

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are having a moment. And you should be heading out in a dress that flaunts a pair of statement sleeves too. No, it won’t give you a dramatic look. Stop worrying about that. Because there is no better time to take your statement sleeves out for a spin than the festive season. So, purchase a blouse or a dress that bears these sleeves. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple. You will look, oh-so-chic.

Having given all the suggestions, I think it is high time that you should hit a mall near you and gift yourself some Christmas outfits. I have been visiting all women’s clothing stores near me for the past couple of days. And adding whatever pleases my eyes to the cart (all the affordable options). I hope that you end up finding the best outfit for this festive season.

Have fun flaunting your clothes and enjoy every moment of these holidays.

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