Top 5 Must-Have Features in a Psychiatry EMR Software

What is an EMR?

The term EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and while this may give you an idea of what a software with this name would essentially do, it will not show you the whole picture. These days EMR software is so incredibly advanced and does functions which go much beyond just storing medical records however, not every EMR is built equally. Different EMRs are suitable for different types of practices and it is up to you to decide which one to use. Since these days there are so many speciality EMRs in the market, we wanted to take a minute and talk exclusively about psychiatry EMR Software and what you should be on the lookout for when searching for an EMR for psychiatry practice. 

Top 5 Features Your Psychiatry EMR Should Have

So what are some features an respectable Psychiatry EMR should have so that it helps you function at your highest level? We have shortlisted 5 features every psychiatry EMR should definitely have.  


One of the most important aspects of any EMR is to have customizable templates. And if it is an EMR for psychiatry then it definitely should have a template suited for the specialization specifically. This is because it makes things much simpler for the psychiatrist and the members of their practice as well. When you are taking patient history and what not, it is helpful to have a template which supports your practice instead of makes your job tougher. Not all areas of medicine are the same and one should always keep this in mind and ensure that whatever EMR they opt for has a suitable template or customizations available which will be suitable for their area of practice in medicine. 


Another great feature that every psychiatry software should have is e-prescription features. A lot of times medications in psychiatry are prescribed for the long run and have to be refilled every month since discontinuing them suddenly can be very harmful for patients. Since prescriptions have to be renewed by the psychiatrist a lot of times patients will have to make phone calls or even have to come in to get the renewed prescription however with an e-prescription feature in your psychiatry EMR software, you can easily prescribe medication virtually so all your patient has to do is go to their nearest and most convenient pharmacy and grab their prescription. In specializations like psychiatry it is very important for your psychiatry EMR to have features which make conveniences for your patients since a lot of patients might be suffering from depression or other disorders which get in the way of their functionality hence they need easy solutions instead of having things become more complicated for them and in the end overwhelming them. 

Treatment Plan

Another important aspect which you should focus on in a psychiatry software is how it makes treatment plans for every patient. Since a psychiatric disorder is something which needs to be treated for a long time and patients essentially stay with the doctor for years, it is a good idea to have extensive treatment plans which can be compiled and consulted on every visit so progress of the patient can be monitored. Any psychiatry EMR software worth its price should always have extensive features in place which cater to making and keeping track of treatment plans for patients. 

Patient History

Another important aspect of any EMR but specifically a psychiatry EMR is to have extensive tools available which give the doctor the patient history. Treating someone with a psychiatric disorder means you should have all the facts on them and be aware of their past, any other illnesses they may have had and most importantly if they have ever suffered from addiction since this will play heavily in terms of what you prescribe them and the recommendations and treatment you make for them. In the end, any psychiatry EMR software should have allocations for taking extensive patient history so a holistic treatment plan can be made for the patient and ensure better care from the physician’s end. 

DSM Diagnosis Codes

As a psychiatrist you must have dozens of different types of disorders you have to diagnose and it is nearly impossible for you to be able to memorize all the different DSM diagnosis codes for different disorders which is where your trusted EMR for psychiatry will come in. There are DSM diagnosis codes available which are input easily and make things much more simpler for you since you do not have to jump through hoops and make everything complicated for yourself. A psychiatry software should always account for the DSM and should make diagnosing and treating a patient easier for you instead of the other way around. 

Which Psychiatry EMR Should You Invest In?

Now comes the all important question, which EMR for psychiatry should you invest in? This is a question a lot of psychiatrists find asking and have no answer to. However, we might be able to help you. If you are in search of a software we have some advice for you. The first thing you need to do is list out what you expect from your psychiatry emr demo and then match the list you have made with software available in the market for psychiatry. Whichever software matches all or most of the things in your list is your best bet. Other than that you could also consult a professional who can guide you better and help you find an EMR for psychiatry that would be absolutely perfect for you and your needs.

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