Top 5 moving companies in the US in 2020

Trusting your whole home to a moving company is not easy. With the moving business growing so quickly, the number of bad moving companies is growing as well. People sometimes have negative experiences when hiring movers, so it’s necessary to be cautious when the relocation time comes. For that reason, we wanted to help you research by making the list of top 5 moving companies in the US in 2020. Furthermore, you will be able to tell what a good moving company is, and start your search with less worrying.

How to recognize a good moving company?

Before going through the top 5 moving companies in the US in 2020, let’s see how to recognize a high-quality moving company. Here are some characteristics of a great moving company you should be able to recognize with your top choice:

  • License – one of the first things you should check with a moving company is if they have a moving license. Check their website or ask them about the license, and don’t sign any documents before you are completely sure you’re dealing with a reliable professional.
  • Great customer service – a high-quality company focuses on its clients, and therefore has great customer service. People you talk to should be friendly and informative, without trying to hide any detail about the way the company does business.
  • Branded vehicles and a complete moving team – a good moving company should have the tools and people to do the business right. Vehicles that look professional, a team that’s skilled and experienced is everything you need for a successful relocation.
  • Positive reviews and references – when a company receives a lot of positive reviews (but not in a staged, fake way) and is followed by multiple references, you can be sure you trust your home to a great mover.

Be sure to base your search on all of the factors, and do the research both offline and online. One of the most common moving mistakes is hiring a company without doing detailed research. For online search use only certified websites that provide truthful information on moving companies. That’s when you will be sure that you picked the right moving professional.

What are the top 5 moving companies in the US in 2020?

Here are our top choices when it comes to moving business in 2020. All of these arepresented on a trustworthy website, where the top choices are based on customer reviews and highest-quality moving services.

Trinity Relocation Group

This Florida-based moving company is certainly loved by clients, and for a good reason. Many positive reviews show that all the stated services are true to description. You can expect door-to-door moving services – whether you’re moving locally or interstate, all done by a licensed moving team.

Roadway Moving

Even though it’s located in NYC, this moving company has a long list of states of operations. From Alabama to Wyoming, people have been writing positive words in the comments, which can help you be sure you’re dealing with a top-quality company.

Men On The Move Moving & Self-Storage

It’s no wonder why this company receives so much support from customers. They are surely one of the top 5 moving companies in the US in 2020 for a couple of reasons. Based in Woodbury, NY, this company proves to be very professional and punctual. They provide the clients with a smooth moving experience and all of that at an affordable pricing point.

Independent Moving Solution

Scoring high in moving business, this moving company has received great feedback, which is proof of running a good business. One of the things that make them part of this list is the wide range of operations, as they do business in many states. A friendly moving team that is focused on making their clients safe and satisfied with the services.

City Wide Moving

When there are a lot of clients that are happy with the process of moving their home or office, you can be sure you’re reading about a top-quality company. City Wide Moving is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and provides moving services both locally, but also to or from any other state. You can relocate your home or office,  move specialty items, and store them in a safe storage unit.

Choosing the best company for you

Well, how to choose one of the top 5 moving companies in the US for your next move? It’s important to do the research but also narrow your choice based on your needs and requirements. Make sure you know what exactly you’re moving. It will be easier to get a precise estimate and calculate the moving costs.

Also, contact a couple of favorite companies. You will be able to compare the estimates and choose the best deal for your move. Contact a local company, as well as companies from other regions, to be sure you are getting the most for the price.

And finally, double-check all details and get an in-person estimate – this will help you check if you’re dealing with a reliable professional. Transparent estimates without any hidden costs and other surprises are the only way to go.

As you can see, there are certain steps before you hire a great mover. However, every one of these pays off when you are sure you are trusting your whole home to a company that knows what they are doing – safely and professionally.

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