Top 5 Famous Graphite Products in 2021

Graphite has a huge variety of different uses in various industries. Graphite is a stable form of naturally occurring carbon. Plumbago or mineral carbon are also the names of graphite. Naturally occurrence of Graphite is available in different states mostly this is economically available in Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Graphite can comport like a metal and conduct electricity but additionally as a nonmetal that resists high temperatures. Graphite has a various use like it is used in pencils, lubricants, solar panel, batteries etc. In this blog we will discuss 5 famous graphite products that are widely used nowadays.

Graphite Ring:

 Graphite Ring is mostly used for seal, gas absorption and fertilizer engenderment, etc. It can be customized in any shape and size according to customer demand. Graphite ring is having many features like high temperature resistance, high pressure and high corrosion resistance, due to such features this ring is widely utilized in many industries.

Graphite Plate:

Graphite plate are custom made they are available in different size, shape and quality and can be made according to customer demand. This is composed of high purity graphite material. There are many grades available to make graphite plate like PL-850, PL800 etc. Different standards have different use like PL-800 is used in high temperature applications like furnace, but this is easy to machine.

Graphite Heater:

As graphite are very good in electrical and thermal conductivity, so it is used as graphite heater made of graphite material. They have good temperature resistance; the temperature increases   vice versa the strength increase at high temperature it will exceed oxides and metals. It is mostly used in furnace industry as a heating element.

Graphite Electrode:

Graphite electrode is only of the important part in electric smelting industry for conductive. Graphite electrode have different features at high temperature like thermal and electrical conductivity and high machinal strength. With the passage of time this is one of important part for different industries. They are highly demanding in steel industry because of it one of feature of low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Graphite Nuts & Bolts:

Graphite nuts and bolts are available in different size, shape, length and diameter. These graphite forms are typically can be customized according the requirements of the customers. These high-quality graphite products are very famous, to be used in high temperature furnaces and other similar places.

These graphite products are very much custom made and can be customized according to the demand of the business. Wholesale or short run order are being produced by MS Graphite Mold and delivered in a very short turnaround time.

MS Graphite mold is offering premium quality graphite products which includes: Graphite Nuts & Bolts, Graphite crucible and Graphite flexible etc.

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