Top 5 common electrical issues at industrial & commercial sites and their solutions.

Ever since Faraday discovered electricity, there was a dramatic change in how we were living our lives. It brought a whole new evolution as electricity brought a considerable ease to us. Putting this comfort at edge, there are a couple of issues that arise when trying to make the most from these electrical appliances. You might opt for a do it yourself but honestly nothing can take place of a professional electrician. For now, we are going to be discussing about some of the most common electrical issues that may arise at industrial and commercial sites and there to-go solutions.


Whether an industry or a mere public place, light bulbs tend to have a lighting job assigned in one way or the other but sometimes they fail to accomplish their daily operations and this stands as one of the most common problems. There are a couple of reasons why this happens. From the use of bad light bulbs and too tight or near vibration source installations to overheating and lose fixations, everything just ruins their normal functioning. The best possible way to solve such issues is to call in a reliable electrician who can spot out the main reason and thus act accordingly. For example, too tight screwing of the bulb, if grabbed by good electrician, can easily be solved by loosening the connection of bulb. Similarly, if loose wiring is causing the entire disturbance then troubleshooting is not an issue once the grounds are understood.


Sometimes even small mistakes, if not figured out, can make you pay off. A perfect example of this is the burning of sockets. Mostly sockets are burnt off due to overloading. Now what’s overloading, well it’s nothing more than a common mistake we all do, it’s connecting many devices to a single socket. Yes, it happens at big sites like industry as well! As the name tells this creates a load on the socket due to high voltage and it burns. The real problem is not replacing the burnt socket but to spend money to buy new devices that too burnt off due to the burning of the socket. The best way to fix it out is to stop using less into more socket convertors and attach one device with one socket.


 If your things are precious to you than it would be a wise choice to ensure that all the circuit breakers are working as fit as a fiddle. Circuits prevent appliances from burning or getting worn out by tripping and closing the current supply when the current is high. The best way is to invite an expert after every 3, 4 months so he may ensure the proper working of circuits.


Not all devices are earthed. This means that even if by chance you touch a device that is not earthed it can give you severe burns or even result in loss of life if the live wire is touching the outer frame. The best way to sort this out is to earth it through the switch or through its casing. Well, the work is not easy and needs to be done by a specialist indeed.


Whether it’s a fan or tube light, it’s important to change the capacitor after every 5 months in order to ensure that you are out of danger of your devices stop working suddenly. They say it perfectly, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Just find someone who provides high-quality electrical items as well as electricians with a good warranty.

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