Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2020

The Digital Marketing Blog is a repository of content covering the latest trends, techniques, strategies, tools, and more in digital media. Some of these blogs also conduct research studies to help you understand which social media platform would be suitable for your brand and how you should create content for your target audience. These blogs give you news of digital marketing that you need to be aware of to stay on top. They also serve as a guide to help you advance in the online space.

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1. Moz

Stocking defines search engine optimization (SEO) as ‘the practice of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results’.

Moj started in 2004 as an online community and blog by founders Rand Fishkin and Gillian Music. Initially named SEOmoz, it was where the world’s best SEO experts gathered to share their innovative ideas and research.

Gradually, the team introduced its SEO guide for beginners and ultimately led to the creation of the first SEO tool. To achieve growth and expand their SEO services, they received their first fund in 2007 to generate new tools and ideas. In 2009 SEOmoz celebrated its first 5,000 clients and continues to help the industry with the latest SEO ideas.

SEOmoz transformed itself into Moz by launching Moz Analytics in 2013, which included social media, content, and ranking features. He welcomed his new CEO Sarah Bird on the 10th anniversary of Mojo. Mosaic’s primary digital marketing resources include workshops and training, community Q&A, beginner SEO tool kits, and blogs.

Moz Blog is the SEO hub where you can find all the expertise you need about online marketing strategy and strategies. It includes all the necessary functions and how to help you upgrade your SEO game.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the leading blogs about inbound marketing, serving entrepreneurs worldwide. Inbound marketing helps attract and engage customers in the buying process. This differs from traditional marketing because it is not intended to manipulate customers, but happily entices them to become customers. It avoids commercial advertisements, spam emails, and pop-up advertisements.

Therefore, the HubSpot blog helps entrepreneurs with their new marketing insights, ideas, and inspirations so that they can make smarter and faster sales. For example, it focuses on encouraging better communication through new methods such as video marketing.

It provides readers with the necessary tools to improve productivity, initiate human-friendly sales processes, and connect effectively with customers. One of the most attractive features of a blog is the division of articles into various categories. So you can choose from marketing, sales, or service.

More than 65,000 people from over 100 countries are using HubSpot’s award-winning software to improve their marketing skills. So if you too are on a business venture and need some help then this blog is for you!

3. Neil Patel

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their business blog? There are millions of websites on the Internet, so how do you ensure that your blog tops the charts?

Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Neil Patel Digital, has a blog to help digital marketers at all levels of expertise. It is one of the best one-stop resource libraries for comprehensive guides and SEO tips and tricks.

The blog shows how to boost traffic and help companies grow even in competitive industries. It highlights some great strategies to drive large amounts of valuable traffic for websites. Articles range from the secret on Google to top rankings in ways to gain more followers on Instagram. As well as how to do these, it also contains articles about the worst SEO digital marketing strategies. So it helps to refine digital marketing capabilities by showing the right path.

4. HelpScout

Customer’s wishes and expectations are integral to the growth of any business. Customers and customers act as a driving force for the business, so there is a need to always pay attention to your services according to the most popular demands of the public.

So how do you know their mentality and what they want from the producers? The HelpScout blog is best for clients and teaches them how to interact with them attractively to ensure more sales.

Posts on the blog are about promoting a better relationship with the customer by changing traditional methods of marketing. It suggests marketing strategies to help companies deliver excellent services according to customer demands.

5. Backlinko

An internationally recognized SEO expert, Brian Dean, founded BlackLinko to teach lessons about online business. Marketers started growing their businesses rapidly due to smart and practical SEO strategies.

Search engine optimization helps the performance of a particular website to ensure that it appears in the first list of Google results.

Backlinko is the expert of everything SEO. A blog helps readers gain better rankings and helps in creating quality tents. It has all the latest SEO techniques and tricks, such as keyword research for SEO.

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