Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends in 2020

Mobile application development has become an essential aspect of many companies. It’s because of having a more organic client base. Without a mobile-optimized solution, businesses may face the problem of defaults. With mobile app development revenue reaching a new peak, people are following the app development design trend. Both users and developers follow the path to make their lives more comfortable.

On the other hand, it helped developers get access to great tools. In 2020, mobile application development Sydney trends will make the bright days and lives brighter.

Mobile App Design Trends

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1. IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things is a developing concept and is now well-known in the section of the mobile apps. With so much to offer, it will definitely be a trend to develop mobile apps to search for in 2020. Not only at the office or home, but the Internet of Things will also manage everything by its systems.

With this technology, one can control other machines through the remote control or mobile applications. IoT products like Philips lighting system, Amazon Dash button, August smart lock, August doorbell camera, etc. are gaining popularity, already.

It is known that at the end of 2019, the share of IoT sales reaches $ 1.71 trillion. By 2020, the total number of IoT devices will be around 20 billion.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

AR and VR dominated the gaming and video world. Years ago, technology became part of our daily life. The best way to present the example is Google ARcore and Apple’s ARKit. Further, it offers ample features. It includes estimating light, environmental comprehension, blockages of people, as well as tracking movement.

By 2020, there will be the expansion of fully AR-based mobile apps. It will be applicable to the most popular industries in the world. Mixed reality will intensify the social world. Facebook has now started using Facebook space to interact without a friend. Instagram lets us create our augmented reality filters.

3. Machine Learning (ML) (AI) and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has grown the core of attention in the past two years. The best mobile app developer in the USA provides Artificial intelligence and machine learning services. The mixture of both technologies will assist in developing complex mobile apps design.

Integrating mobile app development has become more accessible and smarter with AI. Regardless of the operating system, machine learning and artificial intelligence will assist in the development process. It covers sources from problem detection, prior data, as well as real-time problem-solving. It saves a lot of effort, money, and time for mobile app development services.

Despite the industrial area, AI is gaining a high pace and generating revenues above $ 47 billion by 2020.

4.  Blockchain

Blockchain has now entered the business in the form of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. It provides high-level safety for sensitive data. It has shifted one of the most suitable solutions for cybersecurity. One of the most high-grade examples of potential technology and blockchain is the range of decentralized applications.

Dapps, in 2020, will enter many industries. The blockchain receiver can be visible in transparent betting, BaaS, secure general elections, Swarm Robotics, and Asset Tokenization.

The future of the cloud can be seen in Hybrid Cloud solutions, Cloud quantum computing, and multi-cloud platforms.

5. Mobile Wallets

The strengthening in online banking and e-commerce has given way to growth in the availability of online payment. With the development of mobile app design such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, customers focus on e-commerce.

Brands such as Samsung perform surveys and payment technologies to facilitate online transactions. Also, Apple is working on peer-to-peer payment with Apple Pay. More, there will be improved choices in 2020. More than two billion mobile phone users will have secure payments. The mobile app design trend of mobile e-wallet apps is extending the online payment system that links secure channels.

6.  Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is the first mobile app development trend in 2020 that has been adopted by many industries. This includes Hotels, healthcare, Museums and much more. It serves the best for location technology and proximity marketing. Beacons are wireless transmitters making use of Bluetooth technology for sending signals. It helps in the detailed exchange of sales. Some of the great trends adopted will be AI-enabled chips, Beacon treasure hunting, mobile payment beacons and so on.

7. Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have been trendy in recent days. It can be seen in the form of body sensors, smart jewelry, smart watch, and others. The best of all, with these devices, you can communicate and manage other devices.

Wearable devices can track body movements, body temperature heartbeat, and other specs. It is a notable victory in the fitness and healthcare industry. In 2020, Wearables will offer mental reading glasses and a virtual contact assistant in contact lenses and smart clothing.

8. Cloud Integration

Integrated cloud mobile app design works directly on the cloud — no more pressure on internal memory phones. The use of technology is a blessing for both app developers and users. Making of mobile app design is now easier while saving expenses. Further, users can obtain apps without any obstacles.

9.  Instant Apps

The instant app is more petite in size, and it is not like regular apps. Using this app has become more accessible, and people do not have to search for it. Instead, they can shortly download the link. Further, there will be a significant focus on instant app development in 2020.

10. On-demand Apps

Smartphones are a need today. Our demands are met through mobile app design. When it comes to specific requests or location-based needs, on-demand apps are a boon. This app can be viewed in food delivery apps, taxi apps, etc.

On-demand mobile app design is easy to use and is gaining in popularity. 2020 offers an incredible increase in on-demand apps. You will be apt to envision the best mobile app design trends in various daily tasks of businesses.

Mobile Application Development Sydney

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