Top 10 Guidelines For Food Safety At Events During COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire landscape of the event industry, transitioning from onsite to virtual. But when it comes to virtual events, your attendees cannot enjoy and taste delicious food. Similarly, you cannot hold food events online, and virtual service is not an option for them.

The event industry is facing serious obstacles when it comes to food security because you need to ensure your guests that food service at the event is safe. Apart from food handling, there is also a need to make sure that all necessary safety measures are being followed and your guests are safe.

Tips for Ensuring Food Safety at Your Events During COVID-19

How can you continue hosting events and ensure food security for your guests during the current pandemic? You can host in-person events and ensure your guest’s safety, but it needs great planning and high caution.

Here is a list of guidelines that you must follow to ensure safe food handling at your events.

1.     Conduct COVID-19 Tests before the event

The first safety measure you should take is to collect the COVID-19 test of all the event staff before they handle any food. You need to confirm there are no infectious workers among your team, especially the ones handling food preparations. Therefore, get your staff tested before the event to protect everyone at the event.

2.     Avoid Serving Finger Food!

During the event, your goal must be to avoid the transfer of germs from one person to another or from any surface to the human being. The fastest entry points are eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, serving finger food is a terrible idea because your guests will have to use their fingers to feed themselves. If you are planning an event in Dubai but are confused about your catering options, consider consulting corporate events Dubai based companies for hosting a successful event.

3.     Pre-packed Meals

Well, finger foods are out of the list, but pre-packed meals are the best food options for events during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to ensure social distancing and avoid congestion at food tables, try giving out pre-packed meals to your guests at their seats. But, you need to make sure that all the boxed meals are prepared and ready to go as soon as the event begins.

4.     Avoid Food Trucks and Buffets

Event organizers usually go for food vendors, trucks, and buffets because they are easier to handle, and people can serve themselves with the food they want. But, in the current situation, it means congestion and a lot of people touching the same utensils. In other words, these are the “breeding ground for germs.”

Instead of food trucks, consider hiring event catering and serve your guest’s pre-packed meals on their seats.

5.     Take Things Outdoor

If you can, move your event catering and food outdoors with a patio or a special seating option in clean air. It also allows people to maintain social distancing while being outdoors in the fresh environment instead of being confined to one area indoors. If you cannot take your event outdoor, then opt for a venue that has more square-feet and space so people can maintain social distancing and move more freely.

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6.     Throw Away Everything After the Event!

Throw everything away after your event – it makes you cringe, no doubt as there will be a lot of food waste, but there is no other choice. Reusing plastic cups and utensils will only spread germs from one person to another. Therefore, make sure you discard everything, including bottles, leftovers, and appliances.

To reduce plastic waste, consider using paper utensils, which is an eco-friendlier option.

7.     Create Food Handling Guidelines

During the event, your staff is serving and handling the food, so make sure they are briefed and understand all the safety protocols. To ensure this, create a food handling guideline for all your workers, so they know the risk of the virus and ways to handle food. Make sure to include the following in your guidelines:

  • Washing protocols for kitchen utensils and dinnerware.
  • Proper handwashing technique and sanitization.
  • Proper kitchen uniform, including gloves, masks, hair caps, etc.
  • Regular change of masks and gloves.

8.     Be Aware While Serving Drinks

Whether you are serving water or multiple drinks like alcohol or tropical juices, you need to think about contact made while exchanging the drinks. To avoid the spread of germs, use disposable cups, and give your guests a new one for every drink order. This way, you can decrease the chances of contamination and germs, which is your number one priority.

9.     Regular Cleaning/Disinfecting During the Event

During the pandemic, the cleaning staff needs to clean the whole venue before, during, and after the event. During the event, you need to ensure cleaning is done regularly, including wiping down all the surfaces, filling hand sanitizers, and cleaning areas like chairs, stairs, elevators, etc.

You also need to install multiple sanitization stations across the event venue, including handwashing areas, dispensers and wipes, and hand sanitizers.

10.  Hire an Event Management Company

If you are thinking about hosting an event in the UAE during the current pandemic, consider hiring corporate events Dubai to ensure you are complying with all state safety regulations. They can ensure that your event is safe for your guests, and all safety measures are being followed.

They can also help introduce you to multiple catering vendors and event venues that are perfect for your onsite event considering your number of guests and event purpose. So, hire these professionals and make your life easier.

Ready to Host your Event!

These are some of the most important ways to enforce safety measures at your event and ensure food safety. Depending upon the type of event, there is an array of options to maximize revenue and make sure your attendees are safe. If you are thinking about hosting a virtual event instead, then go ahead, but you cannot experience the food and taste online.

If you are thinking about hosting an event during the current pandemic, follow these guidelines to secure your event. Always remember that your number one priority is the health of your guests and attendees.

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