Top 10 Foods that Can slow Your anxiety

Top 10 Foods that can slow Your Anxiety and stress

Hello, Friends Today we will learn about what is anxiety, and Can anxiety be cured? If you have Not read My previous articles Than Please go through my previous health-related articles and Various Health recipes that can help you stay active and healthy, So in today’s Generation stress has increased a lot there various mental disorders has occurred,

anxiety,stress, depression, Can anxiety be cured?

What anxiety can do to your body?

One of the mental disorder today we are talking about is Anxiety definition which is one of the common mental illness in the US, In the US almost 45 Million are currently affected to anxiety and hence there are various therapy and medications available to Treat anxiety, One fact which is Important is Your DIET which is one of the Most Important Element to manage anxiety and stress

to feel calmer and relaxed, Often anxiety can be cured by a change in your diet after all everything starts with your Gut

How do you calm down anxiety?

In this article, You will Get complete detail to relieve anxiety and also Guide you which Foods are best suitable to calm your body and Mind and ensure tranquil state of mind all the time

1) Salmon

salmon is one of the anti-anxiety superfoods and that can be used for depression relieving diets because of its important ingredient which is omega 3 fatty acidwhich is known to help anxiety, salmon is also rich in other nutrients such as vitamin B, Lot of magnesium and a small amount of Tryptophan, all of these ingredients havebeen proven and Tested that it can fight against anxiety and depression

2) Asparagus

As everyone knows asparagus is delicious but many don’t know that it also Got nutrients that help you too keep your mind relax, calm, as I stated earlier vitamin B plays an important role in relieving anxiety and asparagus has a large amount of vitamin d, it is also rich in B9 which is also called as folic acid

According to studies, it was stated that vitamin b and iron deficiencies which are interlinked to a panic attack, therefore one should have asparagus which is kept in the refrigerator must have it for anti-anxiety diet


Are you still feeling very tensed and stressed on the tip of the edge,

Magnesium-rich food which is called swiss chard helps you to get rid of tension and stress, swiss chard is not only disease-preventing antioxidant in addition to that it also contains an ample amount of antioxidants which is also called anti-stress mineral, magnesium also plays a role in regulating normal heart contraction as well as promoting relaxing of muscles throughout your body

4) Yoghurt

More than studies and also evolving science has shown that there is a connection between gut and brain health, In your intestine, There are many types of healthy bacteriamay play a role of regulating healthy elimination and functioning of the immune system, These Gut florae Play a major role to send chemical information to your brainparticular areas which include stress response and mood regulation ensuring intake of the yoghurt will help to support brain and gut connection active and strong

5) Turmeric

Turmeric which is mostly used in Indian foods which has an active ingredient called curcumin has shown as per studies that it helps to lower anxiety by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress that often increase in people experiencing mood swings, as per health research studies have shown that Turmeric has targets the underlying pathways of depression and anxiety by promoting neurogenesis, This increases the Feel good chemical in the body

which is likewise called dopamine in your body, You can easily add turmeric to your food which is also benefited from increasing immunity and reduce stress and depression

6) Eggs

What vitamins help with anxiety?

Eggs are the Items which are Mostly included in everyone’s diet, eggs contain Choline a nutrients that are needed for the production of acetylcholine, Now you will ask me what is this and how will it help in anxiety simplify you more acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that impacts the portion of the brain which is responsible for regulating mood and reducing stress.

In one of the studies conducted abroad, the people who are suffering from the highest anxiety levels also had the lowest blood levels of choline, as everyone knows

eggs also contain Vitamin d which is an important factor for reducing Stress, anxiety and depression

7) Kidney Beans

Kidney beans is loaded with essential nutrients called Tryptophan, It is one of the acids that help to increase serotonin which has a calming effect, as per dietary study it is indicated that low diet tryptophan that has resulted to increase in anxiety, stress and depression, therefore, it is advisable to consume More tryptophan to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, Kidney beans are also rich in proteins Poultry eggs, cheese and Pumpkins are also rich sources of Tryptophan

8) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes which are very rich in fibre and complex carbs which plays an important role in keeping your blood sugar level steady to balance your mood swings

9) Brown Rice

Brown rice which is considered as Important diet of Indians which are rich in a variety of Vitamin D which is very important for the production of dopamine, serotonin that regulates mood and keeps you calm and active

Therefore These nutrients are considered to reduce stress, Headache, Anxiety, Insomnia and Nightmaresas per studies, it was indicated that people who had an intake of vitamin D had fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and Overall Mood improvement

10 ) Green Tea

Yes Green Tea, which Most of the people have for weight loss, which can also Help To beat anxiety with a cosy cup of green tea, Green Tea contains an amino acid that has resulted to reduce anxietyand stress for 1 -3 Hours after every hour of drinking 200 Mg of Green Tea, It almost takes a Half an Hour to have an effect on your mind

Hence These are The Top Foods that can be Taken For reducing anxiety and Daily stress, No need to worry

What’s best for anxiety?

There are various other Food Items also which can ease anxiety such as walnuts, Seeds, Avacado, Blueberries, Dark chocolates, Banana, chamomile tea and many more, so I hope This has helped you Please Do not forget to share with your friends and family do comment below if you have any doubts

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