Toddler Headed to Preschool in the Fall? Tips for Preparing for the Big Day

Preschool is a big step in not only your toddler’s life but in your life as well. Whether your little one will be leaving home for the first time or is already in a daycare setting while you work, the switch in routine to a preschool in Dubai can be a shock to his system, and yours as well.

If you and your child are nervous and a little sad about heading to Preschool in Dubai in the fall, then you’re not alone. Many parents and toddlers go through this every year. Luckily, there are a few tips out there to help prepare your toddler for Preschool, and some tips on having fun while you’re doing it.

Work on Potty Training 

It’s important to note at this point that most preschools insist that your toddler be potty-trained before they begin school with them in the fall. So, the earlier you plan on starting Preschool, the more critical it is that you get a handle of potty training.

Play School with Your Toddler

Toddlers love to play pretend. Take turns playing the teacher, student, and parent. Your child will get a kick out of being able to teach you or pretend to drop you off at Preschool on your first day. Act out standard routines that you’ll perform every day, such as dropping him off at Preschool, naptime, playtime, and learning time. In this way, your toddler will be less afraid to go to school, and he’ll already know what to expect when he gets there.

Read Books About Preschool Together

There are many books on Preschool available at your local bookshop or in your local library. Grab a few and read them with your toddler. Point out the fun that the kids in the book or having, and don’t forget to point out when mommy and daddy come to pick them up at the end of the day. Pointing this out will go a long way towards putting your little one’s mind at ease that you’ll be there when the bell rings to pick them up.

Help them Practice their Self-Help Skills

There are specific self-help skills that you’re going to want your little one to master before their first day of Preschool. You can help them learn these by working with them and making a game out of the tasks. Some of these skills include being able to put on, take off, and hang up his coat by himself, being able to sit criss-cross apple sauce and listen quietly when the teacher tells him too and being able to get into his lunch box by himself.

See if You Can Take Your Toddler to Play at the Preschool 

Get in touch with your child’s Preschool and ask when a good time to tour it is. Set up a time and take your toddler to look around the school and their classroom if possible. See if it’s okay for you to play on the playground with your student to get them used to the atmosphere and school structure. Try to get to the school to play on the playground a few times before school begins. Playing like this will increase your child’s comfort levels and their confidence for when the big day arrives.

Talk to Your Child About Any Worries They Might Have

It’s essential to listen to any worries your toddler might have about going to Preschool in the fall. They could be nervous that the other students won’t like them or that you won’t come back to pick them up. That’s normal for a toddler, but they need you to listen to their worries and reassure them that you’ll indeed be there to pick them up when the school day ends and that everyone will like them.

Saying Goodbye on the First Day 

That very first day of Preschool is going to be hard on the both of you, so it’s best to have a plan of action already mapped out. It would be best if you planned to stay for a bit with your child until they get used to being in the classroom. Usually staying 20 to 30 minutes will be enough to get them situated and immersed in the fun of the day. Make sure to keep your tone upbeat, excited, and positive, because kids pick up on your emotions and act accordingly. If you’re stressed and crying, then your toddler is going to be stressed and crying as well.

Also, while it may be the most challenging thing you’ve done in your child’s life so far, resists the urge to go back into the classroom and take your child home if they start crying when you leave.

These are just a few tips to help you prepare your toddler for the first day of Preschool this upcoming fall. Remember, the first day is the hardest; after that, your toddler will settle in and have the time of their little lives.

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