Tips When Styling Your Home with Modular Lounges with Recliners

Thinking of buying modular lounges with recliners but having trouble styling your home? Giving your living room the right layout will not only improve the living space’s functionality but also enhances how the room feels. A well-styled living room is an inviting one. It pleases the eye and feels cozy. Regardless of how beautiful your interior décor is, it will come off lack luster if your layout isn’t properly styled.

Here are some helpful tips when styling your living room with recliner lounges and other furniture pieces:

Have you decided on a focal point?

A focal point is the first thing you will notice when you walk into any room in your home. It is often used to influence and shape the rest of the room’s design. An example of a focal point is an artwork piece, a fireplace or the view from a top floor apartment. In most household living rooms, the focal point is the TV.

For a movie room dedicated to watching the screen, that’s fine, but if it is for a multi-purpose room, then try styling a focal point that is more decorative. You can still relocate your TV to a place where it is easy to watch, but it shouldn’t over power the space.

Always remember the importance of conversation

You will want to avoid having your guests sitting all on one lounge or placing your furniture too far away so your guests will have to shout from one end of the living room to the other. Squaring off your furniture is a great tip so that all your guests feel included when having friends over. Living rooms with a larger space usually fit two lounges and a couple of ottomans or occasional chairs. Smaller spaces typically fit one recliner lounge with two occasional chairs.

Don’t underestimate the power of a rug

Rugs are perfect for adding a splash of colour, interest and texture to a room’s décor. Rugs also help in defining your layout, especially in open-plan spaces. When deciding on the size of a rug, you want to have all your furniture placed on the rug and the design needs to suit the orientation of your room. A rectangular room will best suit a rectangular rug, whereas around or square rug will work perfectly with a square room.

Plan around the largest furniture piece

Recliner lounges are often the largest piece of furniture in a living room. The scale and shape of a modular lounge can dictate the layout. If you possess the floor space, an L-shaped modular lounge is not only luxurious but it will also give you plenty of seating options when entertaining family and friends. In smaller room spaces, you will want to consider a more compact design with an ottoman or an occasional chair.

Find a designer furniture showroom that offers the best designer modular lounges with recliners and style your living room to create an inviting, unique and stylish home today!

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