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Tips to shop for the best phone in every price segment

No matter what your budget is, you deserve to get a good smartphone for the money that you are spending. Use our guide to prepare a checklist for your own needs and budget. Millennials are credited with making doorbells obsolete; did you know that?

And if you come to think about it, don’t you “ping when you’re outside” or “give a missed call when you’re outside” a lot more often than you ring a doorbell? Our smartphones double up as so much more than just devices to talk or text.

They are cameras, on-the-go gaming stations, computers and have even become the new TV screen. That said, everyone has a budget. How do you choose the best phone for any budget?

Whether you are looking to zone in on a phone under Rs. 15,000, or you’re looking for a phone under 25,000 INR,

or you’re happy to stretch your budget a little provided you get the best smartphone under 30,000 INR, we have you covered with a checklist of must-haves.

What are the basics?

Your phone had the best offer some standard features that you need to have for a decently functioning device, for what one might call a regular lifestyle.

Assuming moderate use, and a moderate processor,

you need a battery of minimum 3,000mAh so that you don’t have to charge your phone so often that it becomes an inconvenience. If you spend most of your day on the go, however, you might need a higher battery capacity.

4GB RAM is as low as you should go.

Remember that the phone’s RAM is not about how many photos, videos,

and apps you have on your phone, so much as it is about how fast your phone will work, and how many apps you can use simultaneously.

Users often notice that smartphones with lower RAM tend to need to be replaced sooner.

A lot of smartphones offer dual SIM capability, and if you’re someone who travels extensively,

or if you’re someone who uses one SIM card solely for a hotspot,

or if you have a dedicated work number in addition to your personal number,

then it might make sense to look around for this feature.

It is quite a standard feature in a lot of brands today.

Samsung, Vivo, Asus, and Oppo are only some of the brands that offer dual SIM capability across most of their devices.

In today’s scenario, most phones are 4G-enabled, and it makes sense to ensure that this basic requirement is met when you are purchasing a new smartphone.

What is the norm?

A large chunk of smartphone users today will insist that devices meet a checklist of features that supports a high paced lifestyle,

and moreover, they want all of this in phones under 25,000 INR.

Battery power, RAM, display quality, and camera quality are the big four demands of what one might term the mid-segment as far as smartphones go. In all phones under 25,000 INR, users want 5,000mAh+ battery power along with fast charging support.

Consumers in the phones under 25,000 INR segment also want 4GB RAM, OLED display, and a quad-rear camera array. High-resolution selfie cameras are also a must; a 13MP minimum is what this type of buyer is seeking.

A lot of us can identify with these demands. Users are also seeking a high level of security on their phones. Fingerprint sensors are becoming more and more common, and it is not difficult to find models that offer this feature.

What would one call frills?

If you’re looking for the best smartphone under 30,000 INR, you probably have in mind a wide-angle lens, rear cameras with depth sensors, and 20MP front cameras.

8GB RAM is often sought after by people who use their phones harder than most people use their computers, running countless heavy-duty apps all at once.

If you’re working your phone that hard, we trust you can and need to invest in a phone that can support your rigorous schedule.

Gaming enthusiasts need to look for and invest in phones that support a higher refresh rate,

and therefore provide a suitable platform for a gaming lifestyle.

Some also want next-level security, and for those who want to guard their phones with an iron fist, iris sensors are the new go-to feature.

Always arm yourself with a checklist of features that your phone must necessarily offer so that you don’t get blind-sided by offers and gimmicks.

If you have a set of requirements out of your phone, but it is slightly out of your budget,

or if you have chosen an expensive phone and would rather pay in installments,

use the No Cost EMI option available on your chosen e-commerce site to pay in comfortable, easy installments without any additional charges.

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