Tips to Hire the Right Painting Contractor

Paint is a significant attribute that gives meaning to the walls of any infrastructure. It can incredibly transform your home and office. But the paintwork only shines when done by a skilled painter. An unskilled painting contractor might leave you annoyed, unsatisfied with the work, and costs money. And you surely don’t want to do that, do you?

The article features some essential tips for hiring the right painting contractor.  

Check If the Contractor Has Insurance

The contractor’s insurance is one of the crucial factors that people often ignore while selecting the right painting contractor. Although this might seem a bit weird to think, your contractor’s insurance resolves liability issues. Even when you have adequate insurance to cover accidents, the contractor must have some coverage. For any unfortunate accidents during the work, it will help you from loss.

You must ensure that the contractor has a business liability with at least a million-dollar limit. If the contractor runs into an accident that leads to property damage, it will be covered under the liability clause.

Ensure that he is carrying workmen’s compensation if the contractor is working with workers while on your property.

Not only will it protects the workers while they are on your property, but it also saves you from being responsible for any accidents.

Ensure that the contractor is licensed

There are two basic types of contractor licenses – commercial and residential property licenses. While residential license only covers small jobs, a commercial license is necessary for large painting projects. You must ensure that the contractor carries proper licensing for the scope of the task.

You can also search online about different types of licenses your contractor should be carrying. Moreover, you will also know about any past complaints on the contractor.

Must have Reliable References and Past Work

You deserve to know about his work history and past clients. You must know about the kind of work the contractor has done in the past. How proficient the contractor is in his field of work? Did he complete every contract he takes or leaves in between? 

Your contractor shouldn’t retract from providing you references of its past clients when asked. It’s a red flag, and you shouldn’t hire him for the job. A reliable contractor would be happy to provide you the contact information of his past clients and might even offer before you could ask.

When you have the reference, try contacting a client with whom he has recently worked and sometimes back. Moreover, it will give you an insight of how proficient the contractor has become over the years with his technique and approach for painting.

What does the Warranty/Guarantee include?

The type of warranty or guarantee provided by the contractor speaks the volume of the services he offers. Although it varies from one contractor to another, typically, 2-3 years of guarantee is common from reliable contractors. Anything less than a year is a no-go! Even a low-quality paint stay put for at least a year.

Speaking of warranty and guarantees, it should cover both – the labor and the material costs used in case of a defect. You must pay attention to all the information mentioned in the contract regarding the warranty/guarantee. Make sure all the essential factors are included in the deal.

Check if he Knows his Stuff

What kind of paint is a contractor planning to use on the walls? Is it cheap or quality paint? Low-quality painting material doesn’t hold up to wears & tears and doesn’t cover the imperfections. Have your contractor mention all the paints and associated products that they will use before hiring a house painters Wynnum services company.

You can enquire about his approach to cover current wall damages, including rough edges, holes, flaking of paint, and other imperfections. The bottom line is that the contractor must have a solid prep work. Moreover, it will give of whether he can trust him with the job or not.

Run a Background Check on the Contractor

You will have people going in and out of your property for an extended amount of time. Hence, you need to know if you can trust these people on your premises. Considering you have the interior of the house painted, you might have to shift to a new place. In such a case, you need assurance that your home is in safe hands.

Make sure you check the criminal records of the contractor and the people involved in the project. Don’t opt for a contractor that uses subcontractors and employees for the paint job. Moreover, it would be best if the paint contractors or company is a member of some trade association like the Better Business Bureau.


You can’t afford to select a painting contractor randomly. Whether you are planning to paint your home or office, you need to have a significant expense to spare. For best results, selecting the right painting contractor is as essential as anything. Follow the insights mentioned in the article to hire the right painting contractor.

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