Tips To Help You keep Your Thin Skin Hairpiece In Good Condition

Even though there are numerous options out there in the hair system market, more and more people are getting drawn towards the fantastic benefits of toupees with thin skin. Thin toupees are gaining immense popularity since they are incredibly light-weight, do not suffocate the scalp and stay on the head even on the windiest of days.

It is important to maintain the hairpieces properly to get the best out of them. So check out the tips given below to maintain toupees with thin skin.

1. Tips for Cleaning

Thin skin toupees require timely wash and cleaning just like natural hair does for hygienic purposes and to reduce wear & tear. It is not necessary to remove the hairpiece for cleaning. You can keep it on your scalp and take a shower as you would do with your real hair. The only difference is that a bit more caution is required.

  • Make sure the water flows in one direction and does not tangle your hair.
  • Wash your hair two to three times a week for best results.
  • Always pat your hair gently whilst applying shampoo and do not get into rubbing it harshly into the toupee base. Excessiveness might lead to matting of hair.
  • When rinsing off the shampoo, gently massage the hair to wash them properly. Do not rub at all.
  • Always consult your hair replacement expert for using synthetic products like shampoo and conditioner on the toupee.
  • It is suggested to go for deep conditioning once a week.
  • Always rinse off chemicals from your toupee with lukewarm water.Tips for Maintaining

2. Tips for Maintaining

Besides paying attention to how you clean and wash your thin skin toupee, it is also crucial to focus on day-to-day activities. These activities might seem harmless to your hairpiece. But the truth is, they are pretty harmful.

  • If you decide to sleep with the hair piece on, always use a satin pillow to avoid creating friction, one of the top factors that lead to the breaking of hair.
  • Prefer using a wide-toothed comb over the narrow ones.
  • Whilst combing, start from the tips of your hair and gradually move upwards, that is towards the roots. Never begin the opposite way.
  • Whenever you step into the shower for a hair wash, remember to comb your hair before to avoid unnecessary tangling.
  • When going for a swim whilst wearing the toupee, always check if the water is chlorinated or not. If it is, ask your hair replacement expert for products to protect your hairpiece from the chemicals present in the pool. Moreover, wash your toupee as soon as you remove it.
  • Opt for sunscreen protection whilst stepping out into scorching heat and direct sunlight, or wear a hat.


Using toupees with thin skin is one of the best non-surgical hair replacement techniques to combat escalating problems like male pattern baldness, hair thinning, etc. But one must never forget to take utmost care of it just like real hair. This will be beneficial in the long-run to avoid issues like matting of toupee hair and tangles.

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