7 Rules to Always Follow for Healthy Hair

Follow these simple rules to get healthy hair

Whether you have got coarser curls or super-fine straighter hair, we all have to face one issue and that is those tangled knots that keep appearing over and over again. The issue doesn’t just prevail as you get up every morning rather, these tangles and knots keep forming right through the day regardless of what you are doing. Obviously, the frequency and severity of these knots depend on your hair type and condition and that means there can be different ways to get rid of them. Besides, there are solutions available that can help maintain the overall health of your hair as well.
So, if you are done checking out solutions for baby hair growth, let’s check out some of the top rules that you need to follow for keeping your hair healthy and tangle-free most of the time.

Always Keep It Well-Conditioned

Conditioning the hair turns out to be crucial which you shouldn’t afford at any cost at all. Even when you do not leave the conditioner in the hair for few minutes, it can still do the job. Take your time and start using some more intensive masks for hair once every week, at least, for improving your hair condition. Always use cold water to rinse your hair after the shower and make sure that your hair cuticles are closed up.

A tip here would be to comb or brush the conditioner through the hair to help detangle everything and ensure that the conditioner is distributed evenly right throughout. You should use a wide-tooth comb for this purpose so that it all remains gentle. It is also a good idea to use conditioner before you shampoo, especially, when you have fine hair to deal with.

Try Detangling Spray

Whatever you do in-shower for taking care of your hair may not be enough for keeping the hair from tangling up. Besides protecting the hair against heat damage, it is also advised to use leave-in serum, spray or cream which condition as well as detangle the hair. The use of sprays tends to be the easiest of options available to you as they are quite lightweight and will not make the hair feel greasy. Your hands won’t get messy either by opting to do so.

Do Not Brush The Hair When Wet

When your hair is wet, it’s most fragile and that means the possibility of damage has increased manifolds. We can easily damage hair by mechanically damaging it i.e. when the hair is brushed. The use of excessive force while brushing can also lead to significant hair damage.

When you have to detangle the wet hair, it is advised that you use a wide-tooth comb and nothing else. For that particularly tangled hair, applying some leave-in hair conditioner before you tackle it using a comb can give the smoothest results. Start combing the hair from ends and work all the way up to roots.

Do Not Rub Dry Your Hair Using Towel

Never put the hair into a towel the way women do in most movies you might have watched. Besides, when you try to towel-dry your hair vigorously, it can lead to hair damage and will amplify frizziness even further. That will definitely dry up your hair quickly, however, it can lead to so much friction which causes the hair cuticles to get rough and the frizzes get even worse with that.

Brush The Hair Before Hitting Your Bed

Most of the hair tangling happens when we sleep. Therefore, ensuring that you brush the hair before going to bed can be helpful in making things a lot easier when you wake up the next morning. It is also advised to leave in some lightweight hair oil prior to bed as it will then work into the hair overnight. It is also a good idea to buy a silk pillowcase for giving the hair the most TLC.

Treat The Hair Pre-Shampoo

For those with too much coarse or damaged hair, adding something extra to the hair care routine you follow can be quite helpful. It is a great idea to use some good quality hair oil and liberally apply it to your hair’s bottom half for around 30 minutes and then shampoo it off. It will be helpful in smoothing and conditioning the hair and can also prevent your hair from absorption of excessive water amounts as you wash your hair.

For more damaged and porous hair, additional moisture absorption is natural and it causes your hair to start expanding. When the hair shafts expand and contract constantly, it puts additional stress on hair causing it to become frizzier in long run. Therefore, using oil can help prevent the hair from water absorption and keep it all healthy.

Use Aloe Vera

We all know that Aloe Vera is a perfect product for skin. However, it can also help you with your hair growth. Either apply its juice onto the scalp directly or use it after mixing it with a shampoo/conditioner for better results. It will help ensure better hair health and growth.

So, remember these simple rules for keeping your hair healthy and making sure that it grows at an optimal rate. Once you get there, you’ll be able to style it in whatever way you like.

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