Tips To Brew The Perfect Infusion

Whole leaf natural teas can be a great source of refreshment that will keep you active throughout the day and enhance the metabolism rate of your body. The aroma of natural whole leaf tea is the icing on the cake, this refreshing aroma can help you in awakening your brain before you take the first sip of your natural tea made from the whole leaf. For beginners who know very little about whole leaf natural teas, it can be pretty intimidating to hear about the re-steeping of a single serving of tea leaves. The use of tea infuser can be surprising for them as well. 

However, it should be noted that whole tea leaves are quite different from powdered tea leaf pieces and ground beans of coffee. These whole tea leaves offer a less exposed surface area which leads to slow spreading of flavour instead of quick extraction. This is the reason why a single scoop of whole leaves is enough to make a number of cups that contain delicious and flavourful tea. However, it is essential to know how you can get the best out of each tea leaf and how many times you can steep a tea. It is also great to know why we need to brew the tea for a number of times instead of a single time and what is a better way to store leaves between multiple infusions. We have put together some effective tips that can help you in enjoying the most of whole leaf natural tea by brewing it perfectly:

Use of Pure Teas:

Natural flavours that come naturally with the tea leaf will work effectively during multiple infusions. Most of the herbal teas comprising dried fruits, flowers, and spices are observed to release more quickly as compared to the true tea leaves. The artificial flavouring additives that are added post-crafting may lie on the surface of tea leaf and extract flavours quickly. These flavours are usually added to teas that are considered low-grade and have a mediocre natural taste. During the infusions that enable hot water to penetrate through the surface of leaves reveal further shortcoming of such teas. Natural flavours, on the other hand, are known to be developed with the process of slow growth and careful crafting. That is why pure teas are more flavourful even after a number of infusions. 

Pick Quality Leaves:

High-quality leaves play an important role in making teas more flavourful through a number of infusions. These leaves typically grow slowly in natural soil that is filled with a variety of nutrients, this soil plays a pivotal role in developing the flavours of these leaves. Quickly grown tea leaves that are chopped into powder can offer a bold flavour quickly but they will not maintain the same bold flavour through multiple infusions. On the other hand, slowly grown leaves with natural complex flavour can develop and change the flavour after careful crafting and a number of infusions giving you a high-intensity flavour every time. 

Infusions in a Single Day:

A lot of tea drinkers find it difficult to store leaves between infusions. We keep a smaller vessel for brewing and then keep the leaves in the vessel with the lid on until the next infusion. The purpose of this action is to stop leaves from drying out. Once the leaves dry out between infusion they will surely lose their flavour. All you need to do is to carry out tea infusion within a single day and if you are still going strong and you feel there is still flavour in leaves you can do the last infusion in cold water for iced tea. The infusion in cold water will draw every single bit of flavour left in leaves and you can enjoy an iced tea with great flavour.

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