Tips On Finding The Most Trending Wooden Blinds- How To Buy The Right Ones For Your Home

Wooden blinds are elegant yet practical and are famous all over the world.  Besides being practical and durable they are also perfect in high traffic areas as well as for use by children. It offers a premium feeling in any room and there is no dearth for new styles and trends for this type of window blinds.

This type of blinds is usually in the form of Venetian blinds and as the name suggests, made from wood. They are highly effective when it comes to controlling the amount of light and sun entering the room and also very easy to operate,  There are a wide range of options and also easy to personalize. This article explains the various styles and trends of these wooden blinds. It is. A must-read for those searching wooden blinds online.

Wooden Blinds – Style & Trends

Wooden blinds are the favourite blind for all homeowners since they are trendy and always remain in style. These are the most versatile and durable blinds that can be used for many years. They are also easy to operate, in fact they can even be motorised blinds. These easy to maintain blinds are also easy to find, that fits your windows or has it customized to fit.

There are many different styles of wooden blinds as listed here:

  • Slat size: The main body of windows dressing is made from slates and choosing the right slats plays a big role in the oversleep aesthetic value of any window.
  • Thin slat 25 mm: As the name suggests the 25 mm slat is an extremely thin slat. They are ideal for the smaller windows in your house or office and consist of a very intricate design. One of the benefits of using this is that it does not take up a lot of space. It makes the windowsills more evident making it possible to let your creative juices run wild and design fancy interior designs. This is specially useful for places with low light conditions since it allows a great amount of light to enter.
  • 35 mm slat: This is a slightly thicker slats option, giving your room a more modern touch and allowing more light to filter into the room. This is another option for a small room.
  • Popular 55 mm slat size: This is the optimal option for window blinds that allows plenty of light to enter the room and at the and at the same time is very easy to operate. However, there is a downside to using this type of slat since it will take up a lot of space, completely covering the windows sill thus limiting the decor options as well.
  • Thick slat 65 mm slat: This is a very wide slat  almost like a shutter style design. However, this is more expensive compared to the other options. In fact,  the 50mm option is often considered the better. This is a fairly thick style with plenty of light control available and optimal for those who prefer demure interior style.
  • Colour & shade: The colour of the blinds plays a big role on the overall appearance of the room. The advantage of using these blinds is that it will always blend with the existing decor. There are also a wide range of shades available to customise your interior.
  • Tapes: Tapes help give a degree of support to the frames and are add to the visual appeal of the room.
  • Texture: The fact that there are various textures available makes these types of blinds even more appealing, allowing homeowners to customize further.

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